Archbishop Sartain, as Vatican delegate, tells LCWR he comes as a friend [CC]

Archbishop James Sartain of Seattle, the Vatican-appointed delegate supervising the reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), told members of the group that he was …


I think it’s a very positive sign that the leadership of the LWCR are able to maintain an open dialogue with the vatican. _ that is ultimately their function, and the reason they were established. - to be a liaison body.

It is imperitave that the doctrinal and pastoral policies of the group can be brought back into line with the teaching of Mother Church. It is far better if this can be done with a careful pastoral approach rather than a big stick. - That will help the individuals affected to come to the realisation of the Truth, and conversion of Heart, rather feeling like they are forced to deny their own consciences (however misinformed)

I am presently reading a book about the history and dominant personalities of the LWCR. It is not a pretty story, and has never been. Bishop Sartain must have the patience of Job to be able to make himself deal with them at all.

What’s the name of the book?

This is one, if not the one in mind above:
Sisters in Crisis Revisited by Ann Carey

She has followed recent LCWR events too.


That’s it. The very one.

Of interest possibly, the photo on the right on the cover of the book is a member of Sisters of Life, if I’m not greatly mistaken; an order to which I donate.

A wonderful, very young order with lots of recruits, a terrific ministry (aiding pregnant young women in horrible neighborhoods to not have abortions, helping them get education and jobs) Here’s their website. Look at how young they are.

They wear habits and have a well-developed community and prayer life. They recently put on a three day retreat for teenage girls. The attendees were mostly young white teens from the northeast and young black girls from the South Bronx. A teenage relative of mine attended it, and was enormously impressed with their message and with the order itself.

FYI - looks like Ann Carey was interviewed on Al Kresta’s show this past Wednesday regarding the status of the sisters. Here is the MP3 of that hour.

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