Archbishop: School that fired gay teacher showed 'character'

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Roman Catholic school officials who fired a married gay teacher are not seeking controversy but showed “character and common sense” by following church teachings, Philadelphia’s archbishop said Monday.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, in a statement, thanked Waldron Mercy Academy leaders “for taking the steps to ensure that the Catholic faith is presented … in accord with the teaching of the church. They’ve shown character and common sense at a moment when both seem to be uncommon.”


I am sorry to hear about this. :frowning:

:thumbsup: :smiley:

I love Archbishop Chaput and miss him from my time in Denver. Denver and Colorado Springs have been blessed with great orthodox bishops.

Well, it seems a tad inappropriate and callous to celebrate the firing of someone. :confused:

I noticed the article pretty much lies here:

Of homosexuals, Pope Francis has said: “Who am I to judge?”

Is there any other nominee for most abused quote ripped from context this decade?

In UK, if they dared to fire anyone for those reasons, they would be prosecuted, pay heavy fines and have to re-instate the teacher. Well done UK;:

If she didn’t bring her private life into work, isn’t that the sinner not the sin?

I guess it must be more considered than it seems from the article. If she is personally charged with teaching the children things she has publicly disavowed, that would make sense.

I am concerned that this whole business, which in itself seems calculated to wrong-foot the faithful and cast us in the role of pantomime villain so that society can clutch its collective pearls at our behaviour, seems to be working quite well.


A Catholic school hiring a Director of Religious Education who is in a same sex marriage is a contradiction. It’s like hiring an Alchemist to teach Chemistry.

Who is celebrating? How are they celebrating?

Everyone should note that this story is from Yahoo news which has been heavily involved in advancing the gay rights agenda recently. Showing character to us is likely perceived as hating gays to them.

Now you’re openly rooting for those who oppose the Church and the deformation/neglect of Her teachings???

Sorry to hear the Catholic faith was upheld?

I thought the same (okay almost the same thing). I would question keeping on the person that hired her in the first place as this shows a poor lack of judgment on their part.

I don’t see anyone celebrating the teacher being fired. Personally I think it was callous of the person that hired her in the first place if they truly knew her situation. It seems most are celebrating Archbishop Chaput and his support of marriage despite the new right that the Supreme Court invented with their fairytale opinion.

I think these types of occurrences are going to be the basis for the next set of legal challenges to use the state to force one view of homosexuality on everyone else.

Congratulations to the school.
Hope your correct actions resonates.

Yep. If you listen closely, you can hear the lawyers preparing their briefs now. It is coming.

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