Archbishop stars in anti-gay marriage video

It is no surprise that the Seattle PI shows bias in this article against our beloved Archbishop.

Pawns of the Father of lies, and they`re too blind to see it. :shrug:

Please God: may our own intellects never be darkened!

Archbishop Sartain “stars” in the video, alright. He’s our guiding star in Seattle’s ocean of dissent. May God bless him!

For doing his job, he’s being attacked by the mainstream media? Good. :slight_smile:

Seattle is a hotbed (no pun intended) re: this issue. I have read it is 2nd to San Francisco. The Seattle Archdiocese, rife w/ confusion for years, needed a strong leader like Archbishop Sartain.

Thank God for men who are willing to endure ridicule to preach the truth. May God support the Bishop through the inevitable backlash.

I’m on my way to heaven when I die!!!
I called 1.888.633.3446
and they showed me how to know for sure I’m going to heaven!!!
Praise Jesus!!!

God bless him, what a brave man. I wish more of our bishops were this brave. :slight_smile:

I kind if liked it! I watched the video:)

Good for the archbishop, though the first couple paragraphs (as far as I got before giving up) of the article were painful to read. Or perhaps I should do what they do: the first part of the “article” published in this “newspaper” was painful to read. It “reported” in such a biased way that this “news piece,” billed as an “informative” document, hardly qualifies as journalism (indeed, barely meets the standards of even “journalism”).

Recalibrate your expectations of the media (downward) and they will meet them EVERY time

If this were Canada he would be sued for hate-speech and ordered never to speak of such things again.

Oh, they fully met my expectations of the media - it’s really easy to step over a bar that’s laying on the ground, although by now you might say that the bar’s been buried (about 6 feet deep) for ease of crossing. They just didn’t meet my standards for journalism.

We are not the only ones complaining about the Seattle PI. Apparently the Washinton News Council gets many complaints every year but not many go before a hearing like the case of King County Sherriff, Sue Rarh’s Office v. Seattle PI.

*“The written complaint concerned a series of P-I articles called “Conduct Unbecoming” that ran in the newspaper in 2005 and 2006. (For link, see The complaint contended that key aspects of some stories were “inaccurate, biased or misleading,” with the overall effect of “unfairly disparaging” the Sheriff’s Office.” *

It’s interesting (and alarming) that MSM no longer needs to accuse triaditional-marriage advocates of being homophobic. Apparently opposing gay marriage is all one needs to draw the ire of the public at large.

This blog is not only blatantly biased, it is very poorly written. If it were submitted in fulfillment of a sophomore high school English assignment, it would merit a grade of C+ at best; the grade would certainly be lower in an AP English class. Among a number of errors in grammar and syntax, here is one of the most egregious: “Yakima Bishop Joseph Tyson found himself in hot water with the Public Disclosure Commission when he told pastors that fund-raising envelopes for Preserve Marriage Washington — the chief group opposing Referendum 74 — would be distributed in the pews and collected by marriages.”
How do “marriages” collect fund-raising envelopes? :p:p:p

I wish this were Canada.

Of course… but you realize that forcing people not to publicly speak about their beliefs is basically infringing on their freedom of speech?

I find it so funny that someone can be sued for saying homosexuality is disordered and unhealthy but someone else can say Christians are morons and he wouldn’t have a case if he tried to sue. :shrug:

What a country I live in.

Why does the media always act surprised and shocked when a Catholic holds Catholic teaching on these issues? They want Catholics to think “Wow, this is unusual” and out of the ordinary. Catholics must hold the teachings of Christ and His Church - get over it! What is more newsworthy is the fact that many so-called Catholics are going against Church teaching - that doesn’t generate as many headlines.

God bless our beloved Pope Benedict XVI, who in his elevation of the three West Coast Archbishops Sartain, Cordileone and Gomez has shown his most Catholic dedication to the defense of marriage and the defeat of the homosexualist agenda which is most surely underwritten by the prince of lies, Satan!

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