Archbishop Tutu - I would rather go to Hell than worship a homophobic God

When did this man give his soul to Satan?


I’m left speechless.

God will honor his choice, just as he honored the choice of another who cried out “non serviam”.

And this guy is an archbishop?! I’m shocked. I just…I don’t know what to say. How dare he talk about our Lord like this!

Lucky for him God is not homophobic. Sinless, merciful, and just, but not homophobic.

To paraphrase the Wizard of Oz, “He’s no more an archbishop than you are. But he has got one thing you haven’t got: a mitre.” He is an archlayman of the Anglican Communion.

It appears that Tutu has made his choice and God always lets us choose freely. If he would rather serve the evil one rather than serve God, then that is up to him. But, we should pray for his conversion.

Numerous popes have received Archbishops of Canterbury with the respect and dignity due that position. I believe Paul VI even gave Canterbury the ring from his finger.

There is a human dignity accorded to all manner of religious and civil leaders. That doesn’t make them bishops, and neither does the Anglican consecration ritual.

Indeed. Well said.

Well said.

If I recall, and about a decade ago, didn’t Archbishop Tutu urge homosexuals not to act on their homosexual desires?

Best answer! God’s moral law is not homophobic, and neither is the historic stance of the Church.


I agree. :thumbsup:

hhmmmm…a brief article - hardly more than a blurb - with just a couple of sentences / quotes from the man. I hardly think that this is sufficient for any of us to make a judgement on the state of the man’s soul.

That said…I agree with others who have said that God is indeed not homo-phobic…how could God “fear” homosexuals…After all, that is what a phobia is…it’s a fear.
Neither is the Church homophobic…the Church does not “fear” homosexuals.

Yet the media and the homosexual community has hit upon this word - probably because "phobia’s are seen as mental disorders - as defined in the context of clinical psychology. (See Here for the actual definition). Thus the gay community can dismiss the deeply held religious belief as being irrational and present it to the world as a “sickness”…

In short, “Homophobia” is a grossly overused term that is, in the vast majority of cases, quite inaccurate.

It is truly sad to see someone with as much clout as Mr Tutu has using such an inaccurate term…unless - as is certainly possible - he is being quoted out of context.


Actually the word ‘homophobic’ means something like ‘fear of the same thing.’ It has no mention of sexuality.

The opposition’s twisting of words and meaning is one of their greatest weapons.

I don’t know. This article describes Tutu as a “long-standing campaigner for gay rights.”

"Archbishop Tutu ‘would not worship a homophobic God’

South Africa’s Nobel peace laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu says he will never worship a “homophobic God” and will rather go to hell.

The retired archbishop was speaking at the launch of a UN-backed campaign in South Africa to promote gay rights.

Archbishop Tutu, 81, is a long-standing campaigner for gay rights. "…

Blue excerpt taken from article:


He was already a heretic, so is anyone really surprised?

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