Archbishop Viganò Addresses Dispute With Brother



There are always two sides to these sorts of stories. I’m glad to see that the archbishop’s side has been given a voice…previous reports made him seem quite the villain.


I agree! And thanks for putting it so succinctly! I think it’s a great thing (for me) to remember with ALL of the stuff that’s going on right now :slight_smile:


According to the article: “In November that year, Father Viganò suddenly left Italy for Chicago unannounced. He later claimed he had done so to avoid being “kidnapped” by Archbishop Viganò.”
I am sorry to hear about this attempted kidnapping and as well this argument the two brothers have about their inheritance. It seems that two Catholic clergyman who are brothers should be able to work together in charity, humility and kindness to resolve these things in private and not to resort to kidnapping?


Awfully convenient that this seems to have come up after the 3 Letters. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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