Archbishop warns: even 'moderate' rebels want to turn Syria into Islamist state [CWN]


A Syrian prelate warned that "moderate" rebel factions wish to turn the nation into an Islamist state."Christians will be glad if the so-called revolution opens the path to democracy ...



Some pro-Assad bloggers living in Syria have expressed concern that with the "Good Terrorists" (slightly less extreme Jihadists) regaining the upper hand against the "Bad Terrorists" (more extreme Jihadists) in the past week, the West may once again see this as an opportunity to meddle in Syria's affairs with disasterous consequences.


The long-term situation of Christians in the Middle East was cast when Obama left Iraq. Now it's the bone of contention between the Islamist Shiite "Persian empire" and the Islamist Sunni "Arab Caliphate" adherents. Either way, the future will be Islamist and intolerant of Christianity.


And now the “Bad Terrorists” are striking back


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