Archbishop Wenski is prepping for Late Show appearance

Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski will be at all six stops that Pope Francis will make during his Sept. 19-27 visit to Cuba and the United States. That includes the pontiff’s visit to New York, where Wenski has been invited to appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The archdiocese also is organizing pilgrimages to Havana, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. The largest contingent — 189 pilgrims, including South Florida Catholics, a smattering from the rest of the United States, and bishops and priests — will travel to Havana where Mass will be celebrated in the Plaza de la Revolución against a backdrop of huge images of revolutionary icons Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos.

Wenski had initially thought logistical problems would keep him from attending papal Masses in Holguín and El Cobre in eastern Cuba, but a flight organized for members of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops means he’ll also be at those stops on the papal itinerary before heading to Washington, where he’ll be in attendance when Francis addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress on Sept. 24.

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What is this trend that everyone feels the need to appear on the late-night talk shows, including politicians of all stripes and even an archbishop? All right, Stephen Colbert’s show is new, so I guess I can understand why. Now I’m waiting for Pope Francis to appear as well.

Hey,It could happen!:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been documented for some time now that Americans use that programming (I’m sorry to say) for their news.

It’s all about reaching a certain audience.

Good point!

Does anyone know the date he will be on? As A Catholic Archbishop, I know he doesn’t need to cram on Catholicism. Maybe he could read through The Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion to prep for the interview.

Calvin Coolidge would never have appeared on the Late Show.

Now, I suppose before the Second Coming, Jesus will need to appear on the Late Show just to make sure he’s got everyone’s attention.

Steven Colbert is supposedly a practicing Catholic. From what I understand Kimmel and Falon we raised Catholic, but not sure if they practice.

Colbert is supposed to be a " devout" Catholic who teaches Sunday school, so he shouldn’t give the Archbishop a bad time although I believe Colbert is more of a liberal or progressive Catholic. I think he’ll treat the Archbishop respectfully, but I doubt Pope Francis will appear on his show. The Pope doesn’t even watch TV so probably has no idea who he is, and he doesn’t have the time. If he did he’d probably appear on EWTN, which I’m sure will be covering most of it.

Let me ask you if you would be okay if someone said that you were ‘supposed to be a “devout” Catholic?’

Stephen Colbert speaks more in public about his Catholic faith than most do. I think he is the only person I have ever seen wearing ashes on his forehead on the air on Ash Wednesday.

I agree with Your Excellency.


I would be more than willing to help him cram on the subject, but I think Peter Kreeft might be a better choice. He is the only one I know that could spin Colbert in circles in Tolkien knowledge, specifically when comes to how it relates to the Catholicism.

I think I heard September 24. I hope someone can confirm what I said.

Having Peter Kreeft as a guest is also something I would look forward to.

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