Archbishop Wojciech Polak, primate of Poland, said he would ask the Vatican to initiate proceedings against Bishop Edward Janiak of Kalisz

WARSAW, Poland (CNS) – The centenary of the birth of St. John Paul II coincided with a new film, “Hide and Seek,” screened on YouTube May 16. It accused the Polish church of continuing to cover up sexual abuse by Catholic clergy.

“I thank the victims who talked about the harm they suffered, and I urge everyone with knowledge about the sexual abuse of a minor to remember they are obliged in conscience and by law” to notify authorities, Archbishop Polak said.

There may be a psychological reason that some clergy will never voluntarily report cases to the proper authority.

”With the onset of the sex abuse crisis, I see my experiences with those accused former colleagues in a different light. I now understand that they used coded language to conceal their tendencies and that their issues were not easily treatable because they were incapable of truly understanding the heinousness of their actions.

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