Archdiocese grants Communion to Divorced and Remarried

The archdiocese of Freiburg, Germany, has announced plans to bring divorced and remarried Catholics back to reception of the Sacraments.

The article above is in German, and the words are very ambiguous. Both positions can be made to fit the words: The teaching of the indissolubility of marriage and remarriage excluding one from Communion, or giving Communion to those who divorced their prior spouse to remarry someone else.

The diocese will offer counselling to those concerned, in which the situation of their prior marriage and the Faith can be discussed.

If this is more being open to those people and working with them to counsel and assist them with getting annulments and then “fixing” their new wedding… I’m all for it. I think there is a MAJOR difference between new rules and helping the people learn the rules.

Many Catholics think once they are divorced they are ex-communicated (which is not true). Or they think that annulments are too hard to receive. So they never bother to speak with their priest after they make the decision to divorce.

So, if the spirit of this “change” is to help Catholics seek annulments and become remarried properly within the correct form, I’m all for it.

The Church needs to better train Catholics on the biblical reasons behind the Sacraments and cannon laws. Historically, it was the families who were supposed to teach their children. But in this age, there is simply too much mis-information out there. The Church and Laity must work to help Catholics learn the REASONS behind our beliefs and teachings. Personally, I know that the more I learn, the more orthodox I become.

Let’s help people learn the rules, the spirit behind the rules, and the dispensations to the rules; not change the rules.

NOTE: But if this is an actual change in cannon law or teaching, then I’m NOT for it. Good laws are compasionate, but should not be removed because people do not understand them.

God Bless.


I pray that the Holy See vetoes this!

Hey now… “Pastoral Solutions” everybody!
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I’ll admit that my highschool German is a tad rusty, but I think Spiegel is putting their own spin on it. We’d need to see the handout that pastors are going to receive to see if it’s about reaching out to divorced and remarried catholics and trying to regularise their situation or if it allows them to receive the sacraments. I’m all for the first, but hopefully it doesn’t turn into turning a blind eye and encouraging those in invalid marriages to commit sacrilege by receiving the Eucharist while potentially continuing to commit adultery/fornication. Find solutions, but not at the expense of people’s eternal souls.

The title is made to attract alarming attention but the Archdiocese is not out right willing to grant communion just like that. Besides, they know canon laws and the teachings of the Church. What I understood is that they want to reach out the marginalized and offer them pastoral care with the intention and hope that it would lead to the reception of the sacraments.


I think the idea is to reach out to the people who are in living in these situations and try to help them regularize their situation. In an article I read, forget which right now, some cleric was noting that many of the first marriages were invalid.

I think it is nice to reach out to people that have been marginalized and consider themselves Catholics in a bad situation.

I am reading this article by Cdl. Ratzinger:

The pastoral approach to marriage
must be founded on truth–Ratzinger-sulla-pastorale-dei-f.html&title=The%20pastoral%20approach%20to%20marriage%20%20should%20be%20founded%20on%20truth&locale=en

I agree with you 100%, God Bless, Memaw

articles need to be in English

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