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Dear friends in the Lord,

If any of you out there are in the Archdiocese of Detroit, I’m sure most if not all of you are aware that Archbishop Vigneron is searching for a patron saint. Anyway, I have started a blog which “campaigns” so to speak to have St. Anne, the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary chosen as the patroness of the archdiocese.

Since for so long a time, it thought that St. Anne was the offical patron saint, it seems fitting to maintain this tradition. Also, since the first parish (Ste. Anne de Detroit) in Detroit was named for St. Anne, it seems fitting to have her as the patroness.

Popular devotion to St. Anne has been very much evident in the Archdiocese of Detroit. The book Seasons of Grace: A History of the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit (By: Leslie Woodcock Tentler) mentions some information on the devotion to St. Anne. I want to add Ste. Anne de Detroit Church/Shrine holds an annual novena every July and a perpetual novena every Tuesday. Many people visit the parish for this devotion.
As for the power of St. Anne’s intercession in Detroit’s history, I want to say that at the parish/shrine of Ste. Anne de Detroit there have been favors reported and when one goes to that church, crutches and canes can be seen hanging by the altar of St. Anne.

Anyway, my blog gives information, links about St. Anne, a novena/prayer request page and a direct link to the offical website of the archdiocese.

Also, you can visit this link which briefly outlines the reasons for having devotion to St. Anne.

May God bless you all.

very interesting, i saw the patron saint info on the archdiocese website. your campaign for st. anne is very compelling.

Thanks for your comment. You know, I must admit that if only Fr. Solanus was at least Blessed that he should be the patron saint. However, we still need him to be beatified. Perhaps in time (when he is beatified) he could become the co-patron of the archdiocese. The idea of co-patron does not seem to be a bad idea since France has more than one patron.

As for everyone else, please spread the word about the blog and support the cause.

God Bless

I also assumed it was St Anne, isn’t she the patron of the oldest church in Detroit, or of the first church built I should say? I hope Anne and her daughter intercede to the Lord with Bp. Vigneron, good man that he is, and the people of Detroit, and grant that any of the hundreds of miracles attributed to Fr. Solanus Casey is recognized and his path to sainthood opens up in they eyes of the Church. Detroit needs him now. Please pray for my home city, my family lived through the depression there, so many recessions, the race riots, and the degradation imposed by corrupt government and mutually rapacious business and union leaders, and now are being brought low again in current times. Pray for the city, and for the state that depends so much on her.

I have updated the blog a little bit. I have decided to post a few reflections on St. Anne’s. I plan to add more as time goes on.

Please visit my blog about St. Anne. The purpose of this blog is to support my “campaign” for St. Anne’s patronage. I have some new pieces of information on the blog and a list of ways to help make St. Anne the archdiocese’s patroness. I also have some very good links about the life and devotion of St. Anne.

Also, I am starting an private novena of prayer to Our Lady and Venerable Solanus Casey for the intention of having St. Anne chosen as the patroness. I figured that since Fr. Solanus cannot be made our patron saint then at least we could ask for his intercession in the choice of the patron saint. The online link for the prayers can be found on my blog.

Please let others know about this blog. Thank you.

I would vote for St. Moses the Ethiopian.

We are almost near the deadline for patron saint submissions. Please consider voting for Ste. Anne. It has indeed been part of our heritage. Archbishop Vigneron stated that
“Ste. Anne has certainly been considered by many, through many generations, to be the patron of the Archdiocese but she has never been officially designated as such.” Please let this tradition continue.

I know many many of you out there want Fr. Solanus to be the patron saint. Obiously if he is not blessed then he cannot be a patron saint. If only he was blessed then I would voice in with you since he is our own hometown saint. Please continue to pray for his beatification.

I have begun a continuous novena of prayer to Our Lady and Fr. Solanus asking that St. Anne be chosen as the patron saint in keeping with the archdiocese’s tradition.

I leave you all with a quote from the Mystical City of God by Ven. Mary of Agreda. Fr. Solanus loved this book and he even read it on his knees. He admonished many of those who came to him to read this book. This quote is a description of St. Anne’s virtue and and her place with the saints.

“She had an infused knowledge of the divine Scriptures and a profound understanding of its hidden mysteries and sacraments. In the infused virtues of faith, hope and love she was unexcelled. Equipped with all these gifts, she continued to pray for the coming of the Messias. Her prayers were so acceptable to the Lord, that to her He could but answer with the words of the Spouse: “Thou hast wounded my heart with one of the hairs of thy neck” (Cant. 4, 9). Therefore, without doubt, saint Anne holds a high position among the saints of the old Testament, who by their merits hastened the coming of the Redeemer.”

*Please vote for St. Anne and tell other to do so too. *
If you want to learn more about St. Anne, please visit my blog (see below)
God Bless you!


Hello, I am from the arch diocese of Detroit, and I thought it was always saint anne

This is an old thread. In 2011, the Vatican formally recognized St. Anne as the patron saint. See:

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