Archdiocese of Mexico calls firms interested in Trump's wall 'traitors'

In a withering editorial published on Sunday, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico said that Mexican firms interested in helping build President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall are “traitors to the homeland.”

“It is not two or three, but more than 500 companies,” from Mexico expressing interest in Trump’s proposed border wall, the editorial says. “For them, the end justifies the means.”

What about the folks that enforce Mexico’s draconian immigration laws and the conditions of the prisons in which non-Mexicans are held? What are they? Or have they not gotten around to complaining about that.

Is the Archdiocese of Mexico expressing support for the Mexican government to have economic sanctions against Mexican businesses interested in building the wall? Because this article says:

The editorial titled “Treason against the Homeland” says that “what is most surprising is the timidity of the Mexican government’s economic authorities, who have not moved firmly against these companies.”

If so, that’s terrible. The Church rarely gets involved in telling federal governments to get involved in punishing specifics businesses unless in rare cases the issue is a binary one (abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage). Even then, they don’t seek to have to the government use its might to “move against” the businesses.

What about the border barrier Mexico has on its southern border? Granted, Mexico doesn’t have it on the entire border (because parts of the border are in a Rain Forest, the area near populated areas do have a barrier.

Is Mexico’s southern border OK because people are still able to easily cross illegally? Is that why no one has a problem?

Honestly, if Mexico has such a problem with the American border wall, then they should take down their Southern border barriers first.

Until they do, they are being hypocritical.

God bless

I understand that some people don’t think the Church should speak up on public policy issues, but, outside of that, he is not wrong, is he?

Am I disturbed? Yes. Am I surprised? No.


I don’t think there is a barrier on Mexico’s southern border. Got any pictrues or proof of any kind? I came up blank. Here are the examples of the southern border of Mexico that I found:

ETA: misread your post, though you were saying there is a wall. Not sure how a lack of a wall or even fences makes them hypocritical. Seems people flow back and forth pretty freely.

I’m just waiting for the Trump “true disciples” to start defending this nonsense. All hail DJT, the candidate of the religious right! The man who built his empire on resorts and gambling! The one man stupid enough to make sexual jokes about his own daughter on a talk show and brag about adultery against his (former nude model) wife on tape!
The Right has lost its mind. Who even remembers what conservatism and morality mean anymore?

I read (perhaps it’s fake news) that in the more urban parts of the southern border, there is a fence that separates Mexico from Belize and Guatemala. I also read that while they largely ignored the souther border for a long time, under Obama and Nieto Presidencies, Mexico has started cracking down on it’s Southern Border.

While, there isn’t a wall like we have with Mexico in parts, there’s apparently a new crackdown (or was), however… their border is very porous


I do. That’s why I voted for Darrell Castle.:thumbsup:

who cares?

Americans need the jobs; not Mexicans;
we’ll build our own wall;

the general population in Mexico does not
pay attention to their shepherds; that’s
why there is so much abject poverty;

who in the Archdiocese said this?

Do they really think that the Mexican
population is going to listen to them

Do they really think the US needs
Mexicans to take the jobs of US wall builders?:confused:

Mexicans are poor because they don’t listen to the Church? What are you talking about?

So glad there are righteous ones among us who could remind us again how sinful Trump is and how stupid people are to vote for him.

Thank God for such righteous people among us. Without their pure standing in front of God and their intercession for the rest of us, the world would have stood still by now.

Look at his policies versus those of Hillary Clinton.

I support the firms! Build. That. Wall! :wink:

I find it disconcerting that those meant to guide us in the faith are labelling an action sinful when it is not.

It is also interesting that under a Pope that speaks out against nationalism we have bishops labelling people as traitors to their country.

I too, agree with this. Sometimes our clergy make that foray into the political realm by making political statement. They should know when they do, they are steeping into an arena that makes them vulnerable to criticism just like any politicians. History shows us that when the clergy interfere in politic it was not good for them and the Church.

Obviously the archdiocese was quite partisan and perhaps by looking purely at the survival of poor Mexicans who need to cross the border to make livelihood whether legally or illegally.

He is wrong though because he has not strike a balance between compassion and obeying the law of the authority – both Biblically being exhorted of us Christians.

Of course he is talking about Mexican companies that want to participate in building the wall, the purpose of which is to controlled unlawful entry into the US. Perhaps he should call for his people to obey the law, making documents and to work legally in a foreign country first.

me too!

You need to go to a Spanish mass. Priests do call out those who are corrupt, those that pass immigrants. You need to listen more carefully

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