Archdiocese of Portland video on Holy Communion

The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon has produced an excellent collection of reminders concerning the do’s and many of the don’ts of how to receive Holy Communion:

This is not a “it is better to receive on the tongue” video, but a “this is how to receive reverently whether you elect to receive in the hand or on the tongue” video.

Lest you think that the examples are outlandish, I can say I’ve seen them all–including reaching up and grabbing the host–except for dirty hands and bowing so close to the ciborium that the communicant actually succeeded in getting his head into it. (I have not seen the host drop between the hands of a communicant, but I have often seen two hands held out so it was not clear whether the communicant expected to receive Holy Communion in the right hand or in the left.)

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