Archdiocese of Portland?

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are looking to move to Oregon this year, and all the cities where I’m looking for jobs are in the Archdiocese of Portland. We’d prefer to live in Portland because that’s where his family is, but we’re looking at smaller towns in the area too, like Springfield and McMinnville. Any thoughts on the parishes in this area?

We have a senior poster named Easter Joy that I believe is in that area.

Unfortunately, she is taking Lent off from CAF (I think).

Maybe repost after Easter?

I’m a born-and-bred Washingtonian myself, but everything I know about Portland is culled from watching Portlandia.

I know the Dominicans (O.P.) of the Western Province run Holy Rosary Catholic Church there. Always great preaching with the O.P.!

I haven’t attended the parishes in either cities of Springfield or McMinnville, but my sister lives in McMinnville, and it’s a really nice and cute little town, and the surrounding area is really beautiful, with a lot of farms, orchards, and vineyards. Just don’t live close to the university, as my sister does, because it’s REALLY noisy on the weekends, especially in the summer.
McMinnville is about an hour or so drive from Portland.

You could look up the parishes in McMinnville and Springfield on the internet, to get an a bit of an idea of what they’re like.

I grew up near Portland. Don’t forget the small towns north & west of Portland. I lived in Scappoose for about 20 years before moving here. Scappoose, St. Helens, Ranier - all nice. But anywhere in the Willamette Valley is pretty.

When I lived in the Portland area, I loved Our Lady of the Lake in Lake Oswego. That was in the 90s so things might have changed, but it was a lovely parish.


There are a mixture of parishes in the Portland, Oregon area. It ranges from being fairly conservative like Holy Rosary in Portland to more liberal parishes that only offer confession for a half hour once a month. The archbishop has only been here a few years and seems to be more conservative. I have not been in either the McMinnville or Springfield parishes.
I will say that if you are planning to work in the Portland city limits or immediate suburbs it would be an exhausting commute from either McMinnville or Springfield. The rush hour traffic here can be very bad. For example, to go just 11 miles from a near suburb to a location in Portland - a normal 20 minute trip on a weekend day can take up to an hour during rush hour M-F. It’s hard to answer anymore without knowing what you are looking for.

Thanks for the advice! To clarify, I’m not planning to live in McMinnville or Springfield and commute to Portland - part of the reason we’re making this move is because we’re tired of long commutes. :slight_smile: I’ve applied for jobs in Portland, but it seems like employers in smaller towns are more interested in me. If got a job in, say, Springfield, we’d live there and go to Portland regularly just to visit the family.

Basically I’m looking for parishes that are somewhat liturgically conservative and that have music that isn’t awful - i.e. no worship bands or tambourines. (No offense to those of you who like that stuff; it just isn’t my thing.)

Since I haven’t been to either parish in Springfield or McMinnville, I can’t comment on those. There’s a Trappist Abbey in Carlton (just outside of Lafayette, OR) that’s only about 8 miles away from McMinnville. So you could go there as an option. In Springfield, you wouldn’t be very far from Eugene (maybe 4-5 miles) and it is a much larger city that has several Catholic churches so you should be able to find something suitable.

Archbishop Sample is awesome. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a shepherd.

Yes! The Trappist Abbey is wonderful. There is also a community of Brigittine Monks near McMinnville that have a very wonderful traditional liturgy which the public can attend, as well as a Benedictine Abbey and Monastery (Monks in one and Nuns in the other) in Mount Angel, OR. They all have guest rooms where you can spend a weekend and participate in the daily praying of the Liturgy of the Hours. I had some great times visiting these monasteries when I lived in the area about ten years ago. As I recall they are not far from one another, in a sort of triangle south-southwest of Portland. Closer to Salem actually.

There is a parish in Mount Angel called St Mary’s which as I recall had beautiful traditional architecture. I never went to Mass there, just went there for confession one weekend but it was lovely to look at.

I also want to recommend Holy Rosary in Portland. I only visited the parish a few times when I was living nearby, but it was terrific. An unusual combination of friendly and traditional which I thought was terrific. In my experience I often find one or the other, but not both together.

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