Archdiocese: Statement on status of the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities

Statement on status of the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities

By The Catholic Spirit

Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has released the following statement clarifying the status of a group known as the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities:

Recent communications by the group called the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSM) have erroneously portrayed its past and current status as it relates to the Roman Catholic Church in general and to this archdiocese in particular.

These communications are a matter of concern to us and require that the archdiocese clearly state that it does not support, or recognize in any way, CPCSM as a Catholic organization. Nor does the archdiocese endorse CPCSM’s recent efforts to promote an advocacy agenda contrary to that of this archdiocese and to the Catholic Church.


Prayers & thanks to the Archbishop for speaking up and pointing out this group that is trying to change Catholic teachings on morals. They clearly do not have a CATHOLIC agenda but are wanting to pose as an official CATHOLIC organization when in fact THEY ARE NOT. Pray in support of what this courageous bishop has done and pray for this group that a grace of inner conversion may be responded to and that they may come to understand and accept the moral teaching of the ONE TRUE CHURCH!
Prayers & blessings
Deacon Ed B

More reasons to pray because people are lead astray by groups who claim to have Catholic ties when in fact the only thing Catholic about them, is the name they give themselves.

I am glad that the bishops are making a declarative statement early in the game about sects like these. However, too often their statements get sidelined.

Actually this group and its allies and supporters has been active within this archdiocese for many years. And its only been since the new archbishop was installed that any declarative statements or actions have been made. But better late than never I suppose, however CPCSM and others have sewn much confusion, animosity and discord for a very long time.

I agree with everyone here and thank Archbishop Nienstedt for again speaking up against this organization. Since he has been here, the group has been a real source of grief for him.

However, I do wish to correct one thing that has been written here about our former Archbishop. Archbishop Flynn along with many other Bishops throughout our nation experienced his own conversion. While he did not stand up against CPCSM in the way he should have when he was first appointed, he did over time do much to move them out of power.

Up until Archbishop Harry Flynn (former Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis) addressed CPCSM, they were actually going into Catholic schools throughout the Archdiocese and spreading their “reform the church about homosexuality” message. However, after a few parents vigorously complained to Archbishop Flynn, he finally addressed them and told them they were not to go into the Catholic Schools any longer.

In addition, as Archbishop Flynn’s years went on he was very careful not to give them audiences or opportunities to be acknowledged by the Archdiocese in any way. In fact, Archbishop Flynn drew hated criticism from the group claiming that he was rejected and discriminating against them. In his last two years as Archbishop, Flynn told CPCSM that they could not have a Mass during the convention they held in a near by city, because they did not represent Church teaching.

Archbishop Flynn was also very highly criticized by CPCSM because he and at that time Fr. LeVoir (who is now Bishop LeVoir of New Ulm) started the Courage and Encourage Apostolates here. For those who may not know, Courage is an Apostolate that helps men and women who experience same-sex attraction to live in chastity according to the teachings of the Church, as well as develop chaste friendships and experience God’s healing in their lives. Encourage helps families of men and women with same sex attraction to deal with the issue too. When the International Courage Apostolate had their convention here a few years back, Archbishop Flynn celebrated Mass with the group and again was blasted in the media and by CPCSM for having a Mass with the Courage group, but not allowing CPCSM to have a Mass during their convention.

While Archbishop Nienstedt has been more aggressive with the group, Archbishop Flynn did not entirely neglect his duties to directly deal with this group.

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