Archie Comics introduces new gay character to "keep up with the times" - their email is listed here

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Here is a news article about the new character.

This is just the latest step toward Riverdale showing more diversity. In the new story line of Archie Comics, the redheaded star is dating neither Veronica or Betty – but Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats.

With some comics, these collective changes would qualify as non-news. But in the less-diverse world of Riverdale – where everything but the sundaes has often been vanilla – this registers as a major shift.

That might explain why Riverdale High will also see an influx of 50 students this fall, according to Gorelick. “Another school will be shut because of budget cuts, and that closing will have a ripple effect,” he says.

Eventually, Kevin may not be the only gay character, but none of the traditional characters will switch orientations.

I think Valerie and Archie is a good thing-she’s much more sensible than Betty or Veronica. As for this new fellow-it’s not my cup of tea, but it could have been worse,

Lots of folks have tried to read more into Jughead’s dislike of girls over the years and I’m really, really glad they aren’t going to go there, :smiley:

Gay character joins comic book series. Yawn.

This poor guy is doomed to be nothing more than a recurring gag - girl sees him, gets the hots for him, gets turned down because he's gay, and they become best friends. I predict he'll feature as the one guy that the girls actually like, instead of just lusting after, and that he'll show up whenever a strong guy is needed, but the comic book storyline writers don't want a romantic entanglement getting in the way.

The thing is, this "gay" character isn't gay - he has disinterested friendships (friendships where he's friends with a person for the sake of friendship, not to get something out of it) with girls and won't ever be seen kissing another guy because that will push the boundaries too far. There are plenty of comics out there with gay characters (mostly from either independent comic book publishers or from major "alternative" publishers) if people want to see really sexually active, genuinely gay people in their comics.

Archie is trying to get new readers in because the jokes are stale and constantly re-told (I had a comic book I got in the 1990's which featured a joke in it that was recently re-published in a 2008 or 2009 comic). They're trying to stir up just enough controversy that younger kids will want to read the comic, and parents might allow it because, hey, it's Archie! It's the same thing they grew up with!

If they go too far, parents who like Archie for its silly, relatively wholesome storylines will freak and stop letting their kids read the comics. After all, the kids might be the target demographic, but the parents are the main source of income for kids, and they're the ones who will say yea or nay to reading the book.

Also, if they go too far, they'll lose readership for another reason - Archie Comics cannot compete with hard-core, independent comics for adult content, nor can they hold their own against comic book lables like DC and Mavel, which have either presented gay characters in their own right, or created spin-off lables that are quasi-independent that have gay characters.

Speaking from experience here - I used to collect both the Mirage Studios Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics and the Archie Comics TMNT comic book. Although the Archie Comics version of the TMNT had a million times better plotting and interesting dialogue than the cartoon series it was originally based off of, it was still very tame, with the main characters hating guns, protesting pollution and global warming, no bloodshed, no dying, etc. Meanwhile, Mirage, an independent comic publishing company (originally run by just two guys) had fighting, death, drug references, swearing, etc. It was very hard-core and gritty. I stopped collecting the Archie verison long before the Mirage version faded to black. Archie was silly, funny, amusing, well-written... and ultimately too tame to carry the fire.

That's exactly how it will be with this "gay" character. He'll make a splash for a little bit, and then show up only as a gag joke character or simply as background filler, maybe as a straight man (no pun intended), but he will never be a page-turner.

Archie comics can have its nice little liberal spiel using him, but the comic publisher itself needs its revenue from a steady source, because it's trying to keep up with Image and DC, Marvel and Top Shelf, and of course the influx of Manga from Japan - which frequently has gay characters in it already, along with barely-censored sex scenes both gay and het - that appeal because of their intensity. It, therefore, cannot afford to offend the buyer (or the parents of the buyer) to excess, so this "gay" character will exist for no better reason than to turn heads, let everyone giggle that there's finally a guy who legitimately doesn't like Veronica or Betty, and life will go on as before.

Gasp, shock, horror. Yawn.

I think this is far more dishonest than DC dragging Batwoman out of hiding and shoving her into the lesbian league. Granted, if DC really wanted to shock people, they'd have made Superman gay, but they keep to a perphrial character to avoid a mass freak-out and loss of revenue, so DC is slightly dishonest here, too, but Archie is doing it just to draw attention to itself, make itself look good, and yet not really change or challenge anything.

And yes, this has made my comic book collector side more irate than my Catholic pro-life pro-family side because, ultimately, the character isn't gay, he's just a flag to get a quick buck. If you really want to make a statement, be sincere about it. I can respect your sincerity, even if I reject your message as wrong. A passionate person can be met head-on in conflict, and the passionate Christian can grow strong from facing adversity, while still working to win the opponent's soul for God.

This act on Archie's part is as lukewarm as most Catholics are. And a lukewarm person isn't someone who wants to fight, or even to think, but is someone who pathetically refuses to really make a decision on an issue. Fence sitters drive me nuts.

Personally, if they really want to show diversity, I think Archie comics should have introduced a devout Catholic character. Anti-Catholics would be up-in-arms about a Mary-worshiper coming to Archie's school. Catholics would be irked by how wishy-washy she would be. There'd be a lot more grumbling, talk, interest in the book, and nobody would have to stop buying Archie comics out of principle.

Which is exactly what I'm afraid I'm going to have to do, but fortunately they haven't had a series worth collecting in years, so it's not really a big deal for me.

Fortunately, my kid isn't interested in comic books---he finds them silly. He reads actual books.

Why settle for the whipped cream when you can get to the pie? ;)

Jughead is a jerk

As for the OP, meh, it's a publicity stunt that won't last.

As someone who monitors popular culture as part of my job, it’s too bad to see such a theme creeping into a traditional and conservative comic book series. The goal is to always “push the envelope of what people find acceptable.” Which people? Conservative Christians. Liberals are already enamored with full blown gay sexuality and marriage.

Batwoman is portrayed as a lesbian. This is all part of the, they won’t notice, they’ll just think it’s OK campaign. And kids are the most impressionable.

There’s nothing wrong with having same-sex attraction. I dated a young lady who was bisexual until she gave her life to Christ.

God bless,

wait, Batwoman is a lesbian? which one?

edit: oh wait, there’s only one Batwoman, but several women have donned the mask of Batgirl. got me confused :smiley:

not much of a DC reader anyway. but last i read Marvel there’s also a lesbian in the Annihilation story line. forgot the name of the character

I’m surprised they haven’t introduced high school casual sex to keep up with the times… But I don’t want to go around giving them any ideas…

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