Archie’s going to die taking bullet for gay best friend


Comic Book Star Archie to Die Saving Gay Gun-Control Advocate From a Bullet



Marvel Comics recasts superhero Thor as a woman


They’ve done that before in alternate continuities several times - the media is just picking up on it now and it fills in a space on a slow news day. There have been several times heroes have change gender over the years for crossover storylines or just to try and pique reader interest. Be assured the reset button will be pressed and the character will be back to been male soon enough. None of this stuff lasts.


Typical marketing moment common in comic books. As usual the character is not really dead (indeed one might argue it’s impossible to truly kill of fictional characters), rather it’s certain verison of the character set in a possible future where he is grown up. He’s no more dead than Batman or Superman are and both those characters have ‘died’ many times in comics.


The friend is both gay and a gun control advocate? They couldn’t load him up with any more timely, hot-button issues?

Archie seems to be trying in vain to reclaim the glory of his “Sugar Sugar” success. Look at him now…


It’s time for Archie and his pals to take a one way trip to the Home Room in the Sky; they have over stayed their welcome by several years. :stuck_out_tongue:


With the society we live in, this isn’t shocking.


People still read Archie?


I’m not sure why it’s relevant to include that the friend is gay in EVERY headline that I’ve seen about this.

Is he also gluten-intolerant, autism spectrum disorder, or a model train aficionado? Why aren’t all of his other characteristics included?


He’s going out with a bang, as they say.

I guess it’s a nice way to go if ya gotta go…saving a best friend’s life.
He takes a bullet for him?

Who knew that freckle-faced teen would be such a hero.



The homosexual propaganda machine runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No one can get any rest from this maddening drumbeat of lies. Anyone else just sick of it all already? :rolleyes:



Friends are friends.

I vote for cheer and not ire and. . . . :mad::(:confused:


No, it could have been worse. Said friend could have been wearing his Obama button while driving his girlfriend to get an abortion when encountered by a pro-life extremist who ends up shooting Archie. But, maybe that’s what’s in store for Jughead! :ehh:


He’s not a teen in this comic - this is a tittle which show the characters a grown ups, all the other Archie titles will carry on been published afterwards. The company that publishes Archie still publishes numerous other titles, digests and so forth featuring the character. The death is simply a way to try and get sales just as the ‘deaths’ of other characters like Batman, Superman, Captain America have been over the years.


I see a career option for you writing improbable cartoon story lines! :slight_smile:

I was thinking though, if the Archie writers want to press every button, the story should go like this:

On their way to the Global Warming Conference to give a speech in favor of unlimited immigration, Archie and his friend, who is gay, transgendered, a victim of bullying, against guns, a pacifist, an atheist, a member of PETA, a communist, an anarchist, a member of NOW, and of mixed race, are assaulted by a narrow-minded person of faith. Archie takes a bullet for his friend.


And the reason she is pregnant is she works for Hobby Lobby and they wouldn’t pay for her contraception


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