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Has anyone heard of this website. It talks about the Jesuits and their supposed evil ends. Can anyone refute it? It makes astounding claims about the Jesuit order and The Church.

Non-Catholic here.

The question you should always ask before trying to refute something is, is the source credible?

Between bad grammar and a bunch of wild accusations with absolutely nothing to back them up I’d say no.

There really is no way to refute the idea that the Jesuits are a secret assassin squad - other than that the very idea is beyond stupid.

I have no love for the Jesuits as an order (certain individuals, yes), but the worst I can say about it is that it has been guilty of sheep stealing through its long history, and even that not in the past hundred years that I’m aware of.

So if you want to give that article credence, what are you looking for in the way of refutation? How am I supposed to prove the Jesuits don’t have secret assassin squads, or that they don’t secretly control the world? If the fact that much of the innovations we see in secular society go directly against what they teach, what can I do to provide contrary proof?

For anyone else: The article the OP was talking about;

Hm. Nothing in there about the Titanic. Must be part of a cover-up.


You know, I think Elvis dropped out of sight once he became a Jesuit Assassin.

Wait! Those black helicopters we see must be means by which the Jesuit assassins go from hit to hit! And, as we all know, Elvis was used to helicopter travel even before he became a Jesuit…

Jekyll Island. WWI. CFR. Mothman.


Can you prove to me that your not an alien from another planet that has assumed the DNA of a human?

The burden of proof is on the accuser not the accused.

Well besides the assassins stuff there is supposed testimony of a former Jesuit. What credence can observed from such supposed testimonies?

I mean are they credible?

Maria Monk. Charles P. Chiniquy


I couldn’t find that testimony anywhere in that article.

At any rate credentials are easy to make up. An article that makes such incredible claims needs more than just a “a Jesuit said this.”

There is reference on the site though.

Those are interesting phony stories.

Shhh! Whatever you say, say nothing, when you talk about you know what, for if you know who could hear you, you know what you’d get, for they’d take you off to you know where, for you wouldn’t know how long. And you all know what I’m speaking of, when I mention you know what, and I think it’s very dangerous to even mention that, for the other ones are always near, although you may not see, and if anyone ask’s who told you that, please don’t mention me.

Preposterous! Everyone knows it is the Jews who secretly run everything!

Yes, but could the Jebbies be Jews in disguise? AHA!


That’s what the lizard people want you to think!

Whenever I hear about Jesuit conspiracy theories I always get the feeling the Dominicans are watching…

The Jesuit conspiracy must be so well thought out that the plan included getting banned in pretty much every Catholic country for a while.:rolleyes:

He makes outstanding clams about the bible and George Washington too.

Bible Warns George Washington’s Family Crest Is Sign of Babylon And Mark of the Beast

Reminds me of the newspaper “The Globe” at the grocery checkout. Right there with three headed alien dogs.


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