Are a male and two females as roommates ok?

How does a Catholic respond to a male and 2 females as roommates not romantically involved? My 19 yr old daughter wants to prove she can live on her own. Lacking adequate wages she is contemplating her female friend/boss’s offer to live with her and the male who also lives in a house. The friend’s brother recently moved out. The friend will let her live there for what ever she can afford. I need support on this. I have told her that in the event that she finds a boy friend, he might get the wrong impression. I need the argument and facts. She listens to Catholic Answers frequently. She thinks there is nothing wrong with having a male roommate.


For nineteen year old woman to live in that situation is entirely inappropriate and naïve. Just because such living arrangements are getting more and more common, does not make them a wise choice. Besides being a very possible occasion of sin, such an arrangement can give scandal. Others who know she is a Catholic may get the idea that the Church has watered down its moral standards—which is hasn’t. Better for to demonstrate that she has the discipline and forethought to wait for an appropriate living situation to come along. Now, that’s maturity!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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