Are addictions sins?

I mean like, being addicted to coffee, or video games? If it’s not taking away from tasks required of you, would that be a venial sin or mortal sin or no sin?

(Speaking from someone who loves his video games & has been too attached at times)

In certain circumstances, it can be unhealthy & thus sinful.

If you are focused on playing video games, you are also not spending time with family or being productive. However, God wants us to rest & recover from a days work. Partaking in leisure activities is not sinful.

So video gaming is not sinful, but the unnatural attachment to it, would be.

The behavior pattern leading up to an addiction may or may not be a sin.

Once one is addicted, either bodily or mentally however, one is not acting in freedom, and so any guilt would be mitigated.



Serious addictions such as to alcohol or drugs or pornography are grievous sins. They violate the 4th Commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”

Minor addictions, such as those mentioned, can rise to the level of sin, mostly venial. They are a form of gluttony or sloth (using them to avoid work, etc.). They place our own appetites ahead of our desire for God. they direct us to self rather than out of self.

On the other hand, we need leisure time and it’s OK to take enjoyment from things like coffee. These things only become disordered when we use them to excess.

What about addiction to fostering political correctness.? :smiley:

Hmmm…maybe I don’t truly understand the nature of an addiction. One isn’t acting in freedom? :eek:

I always just associated “addiction” with “strong desire”, not to the point of not being able to control what you’re doing though.

I ought to change my vocabulary; or better yet, everyone else ought to change theirs! :smiley:

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