Are all non-christian pastimes bad?

So basicly, I was reading this,

and this struck me:

Listen carefully: the boys you see here are those who prepare such a tragic end for themselves by being disobedient. So-and-so and so-and-so, who you think went to bed, leave the dormitory later in the night to roam about the playground, and, contrary to orders, they stray into dangerous areas and up scaffolds, endangering even their lives. Others go to church, but, ignoring recommendations, they misbehave; instead of praying, they daydream or cause a disturbance. There are also those who make themselves comfortable so as to doze off during church services, and those who only make believe they are going to church. Woe to those who neglect prayer! He who does not pray dooms himself to perdition. Some are here because, instead of singing hymns or saying the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin, they read frivolous or – worse yet – forbidden books." He then went on mentioning other serious breaches of discipline.

Does this refer to any reading of “frivolous” books, or only to reading them to the point of neglectic prayer? Does it refer to other pastimes? Are there any saints who had any hobbies or the like?

This is confusing.

He appears to be focusing here on “breaches of discipline” – breaking curfew, sleeping or daydreaming in church, neglecting prayer, etc. Reading frivolous books was wrong in the sense that the boys did it instead of worship, singing, or what have you, things they were supposed to be doing at that time. I don’t think he means that we have to spend our lives doing nothing but working, attending mass, and praying.

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