Are all priests theologians?


Is the education of a priest equivalent to a degree in theology?

Is a priest more learned than a theologian in matters of doctrine and moral theology?


Priests generally have an M.Div as opposed to an M.Th or S.T.L. While they take plenty of heavy course work in theology, their studies are more for pastoral care than to become theologians. Of course, some dioceses/religious orders may have their priests pursue an M.Th, S.T.L, etc.

So some theologians are priests, but not all priests are theologians.


This is it!


Some priests have an M.Div.; others have an M.A. in Theology. Still others have an S.T.B. (an ecclesial degree in theology). An S.T.L. qualifies a person to teach theology at a particular level.

I think I would say that the distinction is between those who train to teach theology in an academic setting, and those who train to teach theology and minister pastorally. :wink:

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