Are Altar "Girls" being canceled by the Pope?


Are Alter “Girls” being canceled by the Pope??

I’ve been a girl alter server for 3 years, I show up every mass in case i’m needed ( very small amount of servers and a small church) I’m the “go to trainer and server” but now i’m hearing the Pope is canceling female alter servers?!? Is this true??? +++


Where did you hear it?


I have not heard any recent news about this. I doubt that the Pope would make this change right now in the middle of everything else going on.


Youth camps, and other servers (kinda everywhere to) I volenteered at a camp(they wanted experieneced servers) and said no girls!


I have not heard anything in that regard, and I would be surprised if he did.

That said, it is possible that your bishop might, or your pastor.

For a girl to serve at the altar, it requires first that the bishop give permission in his diocese. Next, the pastor of the parish has to permit it. Just because a bishop give permissions, there is no obligation for a priest to use them

If the pastor does not give permission, no girls may be used in the parish. Finally it is up to each celebrant as to if he wants to use girls as servers. Even if the pastor gives permission, the pastor cannot obligate an associate pastor or visiting priest to use them.


They said “no girls,” or they said that the Pope said “no girls”? :thinking:


“the pope said no girls” is what others are saying


Thanks +++


I’ve heard nothing about that.




When did the Pope say this according to these people? He just welcomed tens of thousands of altar boys and girls to St Peter’s Square last month.


I believe there were female altar servers at the recent papal Mass in Ireland.


oh, ok thanks :grinning::ok_hand::+1:


There are Catholics out there who are antagonistic toward the idea of altar girls, but Pope Francis is not numbered among them.


Some background: “Pope John Paul II gave the individual bishops of diocese the right to decide about the use of men or women as altar servers or to continue with the traditional use of men and boys only, which continues to be the rule and order of the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church throughout the world.

…a 2004 Vatican instruction which praised the use of only males as altar servers. According to that instruction “it is altogether laudable to maintain the noble custom” of altar serving duties being limited to males.”


It is true that female alter servers/girls, and indeed female Eucharistic ministers are a relatively recent phenomenon - I believe within my own lifetime - I am 72. I do recall going to a Mass in the 1950s, when a male altar server was not available, and a female ‘server’, appeared to be in representation, BUT that she [a young adult] throughout the Service was on the non-sanctuary side of the altar railings. I was a child, but the unusualness of the situation, the idea of a female ‘altar server’, is still vivid in my memory.

I think that in practical, if not traditional terms, female servers could well have ‘pragmatic’ reasoning, since in many parishes I currently know, fewer men and boys appear to put themselves up for service. Having said that, female servers, also appear to be one of those general licences that ‘crept in’ after Vatican Two. I know folks will explain that the culture of ‘paternalism’ is less strong in society these days, and it was paternalism that drew all folks on the sanctuary side of the railings [I am also aware of the Jewish temple traditions this is based upon], during Holy Mass to be male.

I also wonder what Heaven thinks of the now wide-spread practice/licence of communion in the hand - hands that usually have not been washed in any kind of water since leaving home , [except for perhaps a finger dip in holy water when entering the church, if there is any]; hands that are not ordained, and in all too many instances have been in contact with surfaces that could well have a ‘chequered history’ since last, probably casually wiped. Of such is ‘progress’, and I suppose Mother Church has to keep up with social changes, and the realities of the times???


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