Are American values at their root against Catholicism?

What are your thoughts?

I dont think so. Can you list anything in particular that would make you think that? Btw I’m not American but I am Canadian.

Some Americans have some values that are contrary to Catholicism, but some Americans don’t, and some non-Americans do and some don’t.

So I guess the answer is no.

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Some of them are.

For instance, we make our laws by the legislature voting on them. But the moral law is not up for a vote.

Americans also often have an independent streak that makes us not want to ask for help, and that can manifest as not asking for God’s help because not wanting to “bother” Him (yes, I’ve actually heard this).


To echo and build upon 0Scarlett’s reply, the American tradition does indeed espouse a type of individual liberty that can morph into greed, cutthroat behavior, extreme stubbornness, and ultra-competitiveness at the cost of civility.

Additionally, we practice capitalism in a manner where the end (profit) justifies any means possible, therefore the use of extreme violence, unethical practices, sexual immorality, base behavior and excess consumerism for advertising and entertaining is used without any regard to morality or the other effects on society. The freedom for one to make a profit through any means possible is often protected over the freedom from being exposed to such practices.


American values, at its’ basic and original are : The right to liberty , justice and the pursuit of happyness. So no not against Catholicism. Not to mention that a big portion of our country was founded by some form of Christian believers.

I think it would be fair to say that politically the democrat party, and liberalism are at its core against Catholicism, neither can really say they are not with out contradicting their poltiical beliefs and or going against teachings of the Catholic Church. So is socialism , facism, and marxism.


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“Are American values at their root against Catholicism?”

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I have thoughts about this too. My line of thinking may not be quite in line with what you are asking but I’ll give my thoughts.

The whole basis for America is of a Protestant mindset and is conceived and built from the minds and values of Protestants. It’s a nation built on great individuality. A nation of hard work but one that looks to one self to live out the “American Dream”. It is self elevating. It is one that says I’ll figure it out. One that doesn’t look to a higher authority. Catholicism at it’s root is not like this. In Catholicism you are one member in submission to the teaching and authority of the Church.


Not at all. There were Catholics among the founding fathers, some of the top revolutionary soldiers including Kościuszko and Pulaski were Catholic.

England had long term antagonism with the Catholic Church, but America was a new nation, more open to different ideas.

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Yes, but we got our very own heresy named after us. How many countries can claim that, eh?


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I think that many Current Secular American values ( for example, abortion, birth control, devaluation of normal family unit, etc ) are against Catholicism. But going back to the Root Values of America when it was founded, no.

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And it’s hard to see this topic as anything other than a troll bashing “America”.

Troll or not, the topic has been around for quite a while…
Twenty-plus years ago, one of our priests mentioned ‘American values’ in his homilies…
“An American capitalist loves things and uses people; a Catholic Christian loves people and uses things…”
I’d heard the same thing on an old Richard Rohr tape…

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