Are Angels more accessible than Jesus?

Since a child I’ve been very open to “spiritual phenomena”. My childhood home was full of poltergeist activity, family possessions and a few exorcisms.

That’s in the past now, but to this day I occasionally get minor demonic attacks at night.

There has been times when I have prayed to Jesus and he as answered straight away and I have seen bright light with my eyes closed with warmth envelop me and peace. This has happened a few times.

But there are many times when I pray to Jesus and there is no effect. But then in these cases I pray to my Guardian Angel and immediately I feel it’s presence and protection often accompanied by blue sparks of light.

So, I have found through personal experience that my Guardian Angel is much more accessible than Jesus is most of the time.

So that brings me to my question. I can’t imagine Jesus is ever busy nor that he is ever incapable of anything. So why would praying to my Guardian Angel at times bring results rather than praying to Jesus?

I don’t think that Jesus is too busy, or that your Guardian Angel is more accessible. Rather I would suggest that God wants you to use the gift that he has given each of us in our Guardian Angel. That is one of the purposes of the Guardian Angel, to guard us in spiritual battles.

It’s also not as if Jesus is ignoring you either. Any activity by your Guardian Angel is first commanded by God. If it was not the will of God, your Angel would not do it at all.

Maybe a good way to think of praying to your guardian angel would be like this “Guardian Angel, I’m asking you to ask Jesus to allow you to intercede in this battle on my behalf.” Those most likely aren’t the words you actually use, but regardless of the words you say, that is your intention. And the angel goes to God and says “Lord, permit me to fulfill my duty that you have given to me as guardian and protector of this person whom you love, and who has requested my aid in this battle.” And God responds to the angel “Do your duty as he/she has requested of you.”

Obviously I made this dialogue all up, but maybe that will help answer your question.

Yes thanks, I was actually thinking this logically must be the reason. That things were designed this way so that one must make use of the Angels for whatever reason that may be. Maybe to allow them to give their services and express their function and being.

Well, at least you are getting some kind of results/replies. I have been trying and trying for decades to get something/ anything, but so far…NOTHING. Ive asked time and time again, tried praying to Jesus, Holy Spirit, my guardian angel, any angel in general, lower angels, etc. Its not like Im not actually trying, I have been in tears a few times, down on my knees begging for God to come into my life…yet I get NOTHING.

I have NEVER once felt the presence of God, an Angel, or anything else for that matter…I have had a couple experiences with a ghost of sorts, but I never saw it, only heard it, but I do know it was something I dont understand and could not be seen, so I do know there is a spiritual realm, if it werent for this, I could not be so sure, and to be honest, Ive started to question religion, God in general, as after so long, and getting absolutely nothing answered, it does cause you to start to wonder if its really true or if the bible was just a collection of stories some people made up 2000 yrs ago!! LOL

Im keeping the faith currently though, I still believe God is God and created everything, but for some reason, he is choosing to not come into my life right now, or the past couple decades, I can only hope he does at some point though. Until then, I will continue to keep trying, praying, asking him to come into my heart, and/or give me some kind of a sign he is hearing me.

I wish I was more ‘open’ to the spiritual world, Ive known quite a few people over the years that have this ability, and Im quite jealous of them actually.


Care to explain your screen name?

For those who don’t know Latin it means “sun god.”

My family is naturally open to this kind of stuff and as I mentioned, my childhood home was full of supernatural phenomena. It was mostly dark things though and we had to have a few priests come in to exorcise the place and my sister on a few occasions so it’s definitely not all unicorns and rainbows.

It really is a double edged sword. I have had extremely positive glowing experiences but they are there to give me hope because I get a lot of dark experiences as well. Being open to this stuff is hard and you think you want it until you have it.

Also, I wasn’t always a Catholic. In my 20’s I studied and practiced occult techniques to open myself up to spiritual phenomena and that is in part why I am so open to it to this day, despite converting… which raises some interesting questions.

Anyway, you might like to read 1 Corinthians 12.

Does it? I thought it meant “God of Light”. Ah well.

Actually it’s genitive case which would mean “of the sun god.” God of light would be Deus Lucis. Anyway, back on topic…

We tend to think of God as being “off in Heaven,” which in some ways is true. We don’t yet see him face to face; and as Man, Christ is in Heaven. But God is also everywhere by his presence, power, and essence, and closer to us than we are to ourselves. Christ is present sacramentally on our altars, and in Holy Communion; and assuming we are in a state of grace, the Blessed Trinity – including God the Son – dwells and remains in our souls by grace.

So on the one hand we don’t have to “summon” Jesus as if He were away or busy; as God He is right here, and knows what we are about to pray before we even pray it. On the other hand, He does “come to us” in different ways, and He wants us not only to call upon Him for help, but to converse with Him as an intimate. At the same time He is the King of Kings, and it is fitting that we should approach Him as subjects, going at times through intermediaries to get to Him. St. Louis de Montfort wouldn’t approach our Lord except our Lady be at his side to present him. I suppose our guardian angels are like escorts or nobles in the heavenly court.

Thanks, Ad Orientem. This makes sense to me and I am beginning to understand why things would be designed in such a way.

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