Are anti-BVM Protestants a 'type' of St. Paul? (Bruno)


I have a theological idea from typology and wanted to see what some people might think.

here goes:

In Michael Brown’s Book, The Final Hour, it discusses an apparition that occurred more or less around the time of the promulgation of the dogma of the Assumption (1950?). It is the story of a man named Bruno who was a rather ‘brute’ man, prone to abusing his wife, who prayed for him much and finally persuaded him to do the First Fridays. Well, some time after Bruno had finally completed the First Fridays, he became a raging, anti-Catholic Fundamentalist, and constantly attacked the Church’s Marian teachings.

Finally, on the day that was scheduled for the Pope to solemnly proclaim the dogma of the Assumption, Bruno was actually in Rome at a park and planning to murder the Pope. He had brought his children with him to this park, which, incidentally, was the site of the traditional place where our dear Apostle, St. Paul, had been martyred. There also happened to be a small grotto there, a place that had been made unholy by the widespread practice of immorality. Well, from what I gather, his kids were playing near it, and suddenly, they ran to Bruno and told him that there was a beautiful lady in the grotto. Finally, Bruno came. Bruno claims then that Our Lady lovingly rebuked him and said, “Come now, stop this nonsense, what you have done (the Nine FF’s) has saved you.” and she reached out and removed what were like to Bruno scales from his eyes. Our Lady then began to confirm to him that she was indeed Conceived Immaculately and Assumed into Heaven.

From that time on, Bruno worked tirelessly to help bring Protestants into the Church.

The reason I bring this up is because I perceive a great parallel: are not modern-day, anti-BVM Fundamentalists a “type” of Saul (the one who became St. Paul)? Look at the parallels: Saul was a Pharisee, a type of the Jew whose hard heart kept him from recognizing the love of his Savior Jesus. Now, in these days of the mystics’ prophesied minor apostasy, do not anti-BVM Fundamentalists represent a type of Saul, those who cannot accept the love and graces of their Mother because of a similar hard-heartedness? And is it just a coincidence that scales fell from Bruno’s eyes in much the same way that they did from St. Paul’s upon conversion? Indeed, the general set of the same mystics prophesy that after the minor apostasy and conditional minor trib, Christians will be reunited, that is, the “scales” will fall from the non-Catholic Christians’ eyes who have rejected the care and love of their Mother, in the same way that St. Paul came to see the love of Our Savior, Jesus.

Well, this is just a thought.



as I understand typology, it refers to interpreting OT scripture by discerning when the person or event is a type, or prefigure of Christ and events in the life of Christ. so if that is indeed the meaning of a type, it would not apply to your beautiful story, as a literary term. What the story of Bruno could be, in literary terms, is an allegory on the life of Paul and his conversion, which could lead to speculation on what part Mary played in his life an ministry. quite an interesting thought.


One interesting bit of (speculative) typology regarding the BVM and Protestants’ rejection of her concerns the division of the tribes of Israel: the Northern tribes did not have a Queen Mother, and ended up disappearing (probably through assimilation into neighboring cultures). The southern tribes maintained the position of the Queen Mother, and kept Judaism alive.


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