Are any of these actions sinful?

Hypothetically speaking :slight_smile:

  1. Instead of going to Daily Mass I take a nap. I’ve got nothing else to do, I got 9 hours of sleep the night before. I just choose sleep over God.

  2. I watch baseball instead of studying for an exam which is tomorrow. I think it might be a little prideful and arrogant for me to shrug off studying with the mindset that " I don’t need to study. I already know all the material."

  3. When I get done with my job, I just go home. I’m leaving at the time I’m scheduled to leave, but I see that someone else has a huge mess to clean up, which wasn’t really his fault. I understand how horrible it will be for him since I’ve had to do it. He’ll be staying until at least midnight, while I’m sleeping at that time. I just leave anyway.

  1. Not sure. I know it’s a mortal sin to miss the Sunday Mass (or Saturday night one) for no real reason, but if you’re not obliged to go to Daily Mass anyway then maybe it’s ok. :confused:

  2. No. In fact, studying in those circumstances might actually be unhelpful if you find something you don’t understand and then lose confidence.

  3. It’s certainly selfish, maybe sinful if it qualifies as sloth?

The answer to each of these (yes or no) would depend on your motivations, knowledge or ignorance, how deliberate, whether habit or addiction is involved, circumstances involved, etc, but generally speaking, all else being equal…

  1. This is at least an imperfection (choosing a lesser good over a greater), and possibly inordinate attachment to creatures (sleep, comfort). Possibly it is a symptom of a greater problem, such as the sin of sloth, but there could be extenuating circumstances such as a sleep disorder or something.

  2. If pride or arrogance is involved I think you know the answer. The omission of study in itself would not necessarily be sinful, on a particular occasion, if you really would not benefit considerably from reviewing the material. The importance of the exam would also be a major factor.

  3. See # 1. It *may *also be a manifestation of a lack of charity, but not necessarily so.

  1. It is no sin not to go to daily Mass.

  2. If you really know the material well enough to score 100 on the exam, it is no sin to watch baseball.

  3. We cannot always help others clean up messes, but it is charitable to do so when we are able.

  1. In general, there is no sin in not attending daily Mass, unless it is the Mass for a Holy Day of Obligation. In fact, for most of us, attending daily Mass is quite difficult (and some churches don’t even offer it consistently). However, if you have made a vow to attend Mass daily (such as for Lent or as a vow taken as a religious), then it is a sin of a broken vow. Regardless, some of us need more sleep than others.
  1. In this case, you should make sure you are not deceiving yourself. A quick review of the material could be in order, just to make sure. Remember, the person that is easiest for you to deceive is yourself (which is why examinations of conscience are expected to be pretty in depth). So you could be engaging in self-deception or deliberate avoidance (because you really want to watch the ballgame).

  2. This could be a sin of deliberate omission. We are asked to help our neighbors in need to the best of our abilities. Sometimes we can’t help, and that’s okay, but if we can, we are called to do so. In fact, we are judged according to how much we help our fellow human brothers and sisters.

There is a good chance your a teenager, maybe there is a bit of laziness involved here…
Don’t worry to much,as maturity will define your priorities as you travel towards your destiny .

To be fair, he did say they were hypotheticals.

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