Are Assembly of God baptisms valid?

Are Assembly of God baptisms valid in the catholic church?

yes they are, my baptism was in that church, when i went through RCIA, the priest recognized that baptism, all i took at the vigil was the proclamation of faith, then i recived first communion and confirmation

Yes because it is done following the Trinitarian formula prescribed by Jesus.

Excellent! Thank you for your replies.

What other denominations have valid baptisms?
Which do not?

I was told in my RCIA class 2 years ago that the only baptism that was not recognized anymore was Mormon. All the other well-known protestant groups’ baptisms were valid. But you could have some little “store-front” type non-denominational group that only baptizes “in the name of Jesus,” for example, so that might not be valid. These little groups would all have to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Hope that helps.

Jehovah’s Witness baptisms are not valid either.

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