Are bad or unhealthy habits sinful, for adults who should know better?

This is probably gonna be a funny question, but I am curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nose picking?
Nail biting?
Thumb sucking?
Chewing on lips?
Picking at scabs?

Seriously, though, are these bad habits sinful? I read a story of a vision of St. Don (spelling?) Bosco today and “bad habits” being sinful was mentioned. I kinda assumed it was a euphemism for solitary sexual sins, but it got me wondering. Such bad habits as are listed here are self-destructive, unhygenic, and just plain gross, some of them. But are they therefore sinful, for grown ups who should know better?

St Don Bosco taught young boys, he may have been talking to them. It’s kind of advice one gives to young people, we shouldn’t have to say it to some-one older.
But if you want to have a look at a bunch of older people with a lot of bad habits go no further than Osage County. It is a particularly good look at how uncorrected, unrepentant, graceless behaviour degenerates into hurtful, damaging generational sin.
If I at first thought this film lacked any redeeming qualities I have reconsidered and thought it is an example of the lives of rather ordinary people in whom there is no light of grace. For that salutary reflection it has some merit.
What does thoughtless sin look like today, it looks like Osage County.

Hm, never thought of it! I’d say it’s a bit scrupulous to consider it a sin (especially mortal), but all bad habits should be fought against, because like you said, they’re unhygienic, rude and gross. They’re not called “bad” for no reason.

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