Are bikinis always sinful?

Ok, first of all I want to let everyone know: I’m a guy. But when I go to the beach, I always guard against lusting after women, because it can be so easy. So do you think that when women wear bikinis it is always sinful? I mean if they’re not wearing them to incite lust in men, but just to get a tan or go for a swim, then do you think it is still sinful? Obviously modesty in dress depends on the culture, place, etc., so when we go to the beach we are expecting men and women to be showing more skin than at the local grocery store, let’s say. Also, some bikinis that are too revealing are I think sinful notwithstanding intent. But some are not as revealing as others. I know there are differing opinions about this, but I was wondering what others thought. Thanks for your input all!

When I was younger, I know the intent when I wore a bikini and it had nothing to do with a tan…and everything to do with drawing attention.

If tanning were the reason I would ask how often do women wear clothes that they need a tan in the same places? I would argue that women that wear a bikini on the beach have one goal in mind ~ and it is similar to mine when I was younger.

Now I must tell you I was a “good” Catholic girl that did not “know” better and was following the trend at the time and really did not realize what I was up to. Now that I am much wiser, I know the impact I had. Even if I did not know it…I was an occasion of sin…it does not matter if they are not intentionally sinful (though morally they are not culpable) ~ I still believe that wearing a bikini has one goal in mind and it has nothing to do with getting a tan…and more with getting a man!

I now have a lovely one piece bathing suit that my husband likes seeing me wear.

Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Do we dress the same way that we pray? Is it pleasing to God? In one of the Marian Apparitions, Our Most pure Mother warned that “certain fashions were going to be introduced that would offend God very much…” It doesn’t matter that it is the "norm in our western culture or not. Our bodies are not to be** put on display** for anyone.
(Spouses can step back from the public eye with reverent love for each other.)

No, in my opinion. I think women bodies are beautiful so why not show it off just for the look of it? I think it’s only a sin if a man cannot control his lust for a woman, it’s not a woman’s fault that she’s so beautiful.

And who cares, it’s not your worry what she’s doing. It’s her body, just don’t lust over it if you think that’s a sin. Don’t put the blame on the woman but on yourself.

Also I noticed less attractive women also blame the beautiful women for the lust of men. That’s not fair either, just because you are not as attractive or your relationship isn’t as strong.

If you cannot handle a woman in a bikini don’t go on the beach… just don’t blame her.

Don’t* blame her,** pray*** for her! “Showing off a beautiful body for the look of it” automatically incites* lust *,and that is a sin for all involved. Some are more culpable than others-less for those whose consciences are unenlightened and those who are not in a state of grace-but that’s why we pray for those who wantonly exploit the gift that God has given us in our bodies.
Our beloved Holy Father JPII of blessed memory, wrote a beautiful treatise on this called the"Theology of the Body" which is a great gift to the Church for our times. Peace.
(btw-your are right in saying "if you can’t handle it(you and others:)-don’t go to the beach;))

I have 4 daughters. I won’t let them wear bikinis because I know there are many men and boys who will lust even more over them if they wear them. They are taught to by our culture. My own husband admitted to me that he as a man seeing someone dressed revealingly, will tell himself it is ok to lust after them because the girls and women know what they are doing (enticing men to lust at their bodies). He even tells himself that if it was not right to lust after their bodies when they are dressed revealingly then the girls’/women’s fathers/husbands/brothers would tell them not to dress that way! This way men absolve themselves of any guilty feeling and go ahead and indulge themselves. This thinking is not true–women don’t think like men and usually don’t know what effect they are having – I certainly didn’t!!! I wanted, as a teen, to look beautiful, attractive, in fashion, but, especially as a sexually abused person, did not want to arrouse any sexual feelings in the boys/men around me! This whole thing actually came as a big shock when I found out about my husband’s ‘innocent’ pasttime of lusting after all and sundry who revealled anything at all in tight clothing, lowcut clothing, skimpy clothing, etc. So, with knowledge like that, bikini wearing is a sin, even if an unintentional sin.

Don’t ever go to the French Riviera or beaches in Brazil. It’s common for women to go topless there.

If she’s a morally good person, and loves God, then I see nothing wrong with it. If her intention was just to have fun time at the beach and she’s proud of her body then she’s okay.


she saids she’s a virgin till marriage in another interview (she was 25), and I think she’s a good person.

no way does she not know she is causing others to lust and even liking the power she has to do that. until that is no longer allowed we will have a society that equates women’s worth with their sexual attraction and what feelings you men get to experience looking at them. there is no innocence involved there. there is nothing beautiful there. just sex.

Morally good people who are enlightened, want to live a life** pleasing to God**. Holiness involves** not offending God** and avoiding the near occasions of** sin.** The culture tells us the*** opposite***. The culture entices and** lures us into sins of the flesh, and Our Lady of Fatima told the children that "more souls go to Hell** for*** sins of the flesh***, than any other sin…" Pray to our dear, holy Mother for guidance…the culture is drawing more souls than ever into peril…don’t be deceived! God Bless you.

It wouldn’t be a sin for a man to look at a woman on a beach though, would it? I mean as long as we don’t stare at certain parts of her body. If we focus on her face, without lusting, it’s not a sin, is it?

Harder than said.

Unless her face is that beautiful that it’s art.

like this, I look at her face. She’s beautiful!

Put Paris Hilton face on her, then I look at her body. (Paris Hilton won’t have a body like that so I don’t look at Paris Hilton period)

If you have a well-formed conscience, you already know the answer to those questions. Go to confession and seek spiritual direction for more clarity on the matter.

When it’s only girls around our pool, I am OK with bikinis. When it’s mixed company, I ask they wear more.

My daughter warns her friends that if they wear bikinis to a mixed gathering, I’ll give them ugly t- shirts to wear over the bikini.

Gabriella San S, the problem is that I used to be scrupulous, so I am still struggling to form my conscience. I don’t think it would be sinful–I did not lust at anyone I looked at, and if I found myself doing so I would look away. I think lust is also a great temptation to lonely people, and I find myself very lonely a lot of the time. I ask for your prayers.

I read that it’s not just unless you dwell on her body. Its okay to say “oh she’s attractive and has nice body” but if you keep thinking about that and stare at her boobs or butt or whatever that’s lust. Men were created like this we have our preferences but its important that we don’t lust because that would be displeasing to God our Father. In my case I look at girls in my peripheral vision I don’t lust that way. I then try to refocus on something else.

Be assured of my prayers, dear friend! And when you are feeling lonely, pray the Litany of the Saints like I do-we have soooo many friends to assist us in this life!
You are** loved** and cherished and precious in God’s eyes, never forget this! Thank you for sharing your struggle, my brother.
Our cross united to Jesus’ Cross is the means for our sanctification. You are blessed.

Thank you, Gabriella. But honestly, I don’t have any friends. I don’t want to just whine about it, but sometimes the loneliness and lack of any friends is rather overpowering. I don’t mean to burden you with my troubles, but I thank you sincerely for your prayers. God bless you.

Beauty is far more than “skin deep”. All women desire to be respected, even if they weren’t taught to respect themselves- they know when they are being degraded and viewed like objects.
God has bestowed great dignity on His children by creating us in His image and likeness. Let us honor and respect the great dignity of women for their beauty as daughters beloved of their Heavenly Father.
And pray the Rosary with** consistency** and** fervor** if you are, or ever have been enslaved by any form of **degrading women in thought, word or deed.

I totally agree! I’ve been trying to look in people and not at them especially girls.

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