Are Catholic And Chirstains the same thing?


A Catholic told me it was diffrent


Christianity is composed of three “major” parts: Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox. While there are various Catholic rites, we agree on matters of faith and morals, same goes for Orthodox to some extent. However, in Protestantism, they each are their own circle that can believe in their own stuff.


A Catholic IS a Christian, but many Christians are NOT Catholics.


Acts 11: 26

and when he had found him he brought him to Antioch. For a whole year they met with the church and taught a large number of people, and it was in Antioch that the **disciples were first called Christians**.


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The terms Catholic and Christian both come from the early Church.

Catholic means “universal” or the Church throughout the world.

Christian means “little Christ” and was first used as a derogatory term denoting the followers of Christ.

Both terms describe the Church Christ founded. Unfortunately, many denominations separated from the Catholic Church and were formed after the Reformation. The Protestants at first embraced the term Protestant to distance themselves from the Catholic Church.

Now, however, several Protestant groups like to think of themselves as members of the early Church, despite 2000 years evidence to the contrary, and so use the verse HailMary cited to call themselves simply Christians.

This has led to a false idea that “Catholics” and “Christians” are radically different terms and very different groups, when in fact, most Catholics and Protestant Christians hold to the same basic truths, all of which were formulated in the Catholic Church, by the way.


**Christ ****–ian
1)Of, relating to, or resembling: Christian
2)One relating to, belonging to, or resembling: Christian

Yes Catholic and Christian are the same thing, if you are a Christian then you are Catholic, either with a big C, such as Roman Catholic, Orthodox Catholic, and etc. or with a little c -most everybody else, that is those that are afraid of the word catholic.


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