Are Catholic apps better on Android or iPhones?

Hello, I am about to come over into the world of smartphones, and I am trying to figue out
if I want my first smartphone to be an Andriod (Samsung Galaxy II) or an iPhone 4s.
Can anyone tell me if the apps are better on one versus the other? I have heard that apps are not as good on Android, ie: not as clear (focus), not as detailed, less content on the Android version as the same app on iPhone. Is this true??
Any info would help… I just can’t decide. I don’t mind if the apps are a couple bucks more for iPhone, that wouldnt make it or break it for me. But I don’t want to look at second rate apps all day =)
Thanks everyone!! :slight_smile:

It will vary depending on the app. Which ones were you thinking of?

I would go with android, from both an app side and a technical side. They are better machines in general, especially the Samsung Galaxy 3. It is far superior in specs and abilities than the iPhone 4s or 5.

As for Catholic apps, I’ve been using this one, it has everything I’ve needed thus far: Laudate

On the iPhone there are more apps, but I don’t think any of them are as complete as this one.

I would also recommend Android. There’s a lot more that can be done with it.

I would get the new Iphone 5. The value and use of the Iphone will hold far longer then this months flavor of Android OS.

You can count on Apple supporting their phones longer then the ever changing android market.

As for Apps, i would love to know which you are considering.

Hi guys,

I am considering the following apps, but would love to know what you think…

One of the confession apps… (Mea Culpa or Confession, which is best??)
one of the Total Consecration apps…

Not sure what else :confused:… I would love to hear what you like…

I guess it comes down to I want apps that are complete, work well and look clear and good. I have just been told that android apps are not always complete, and the dont look or work as well… but I dont know, because I have never used any. I played with an iPhone 4s for about an hour today… just not sure.

Let me know what you all think!!! :thumbsup:

I have a samsung SIII and laudate works fine on it. I love my phone it’s just as good or better according to some reviews as the new iphone and it costs a lot less

Most iPhone apps (Catholic or not) are better developed (better graphics, better formatting), but if you have an iphone 5, you would notice that most catholic apps are not yet optimized to use the extra screen real estate.

Best Catholic App (Available on Android and iPhones)

Laudate (the Divine Office uses the Universalis own translation not the International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation’s)

Divine Office - a bit pricey but the audio podcast are great accompaniment for your Liturgy
iBreviary - Free and very nice formatting, slower than the above but looks very nice, did I say free.

iMissal - offline Mass Readings


Rosaries (too many to mention, find one that suit your needs)

Bible (any , I like Olive Tree’s. I bought their NAB for my Catholic needs)

iPhone Only

Universalis (the same liturgy as what Laudate accesses but you can use it offline and also includes the Holy Grail translation of the Psalms not just Universalis ówn)

Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church (not sure if anyone has made an Android one)

Thank you.:thumbsup:

I wonder which apps you are referring to. It all depends on the design of the app. An app should be designed in such a way that it functions smoothly, independent of the platform on which it is run. If care is not taken, it will lead to performance issues and customer dissatisfaction as well.

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