Are Catholic Stores ready for Sept. 14?

Are Catholic Stores in the U.S. increasing their stocks of traditional vestments and other liturgical items in preparation of a greater number of TLM’s being offered?

I don’t think so. I went recently into our Catholic bookstore to look for a missal for an elderly friend and all they had was one and it was not in very good shape. (Had been handled alot). I asked if they were going to be getting anymore in and she didn’t think so.

Of course, this is run by the same woman who wanted to know why I wanted to go to a Latin Mass a few months ago…because Vatican 2 took care of that sort of thing.:frowning:


There aren’t a lot of Catholic physical stores left in the United States. I can think of seven physical stores in the greater metropolitan Chicago area. One is the Daughters of St. Paul store in the Loop. One is at Holy Name Cathedral. One is at St. Peter’s, also in the Loop. One is in Plainfield, one is in Rockford, one is sort of in Yorkville sort of in Plano, and one is in Aurora but barely open.

Running a search on indicates there might be as many as 18 in Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

I don’t understand why there would be a sudden increase in inventory and what type, as the Extraordinary Use is not mandated, and September 14 is only the start of implementation.

However, if one were to venture to the Internet…

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I don’t understand why there would be a sudden increase in inventory and what type, as the Extraordinary Use is not mandated, and September 14 is only the start of implementation.

I was thinking of 1962 Missals, priestly vestments, altar server vestments, etc. Although Setp. 14 is only the start date, I know a good number of people who are die-hard in the process of getting these Masses started once the date rolls around. [/size]

Yes, but a priest can say an EU in his current outer vestments. He doesn’t have to have a fiddleback to do it. His altar boys do not have to have cassocks and surplice to serve Mass. Vestments are not cheap, particularly the outer ones. A smart priest who is going into this for the first time will probably see how it “takes” in his parish or area. If it works out well, maybe several somebodies will sponsor a set for the parish.

Missals are another matter, but those in our area who want them already have them. Our diocese has listed several that will work, and the local store in Rockford will be carrying some extra. One of the things the diocese wants to do is deter people from buying any missal published by the SSXP and the like.

I hope the diocese also “deters” people from buying absolutely any book published by, say, C.S. Lewis, who wasn’t in full communion with Rome.

Unlikely, I just went to a catholic bookstore here in Sydney to find a catechism of the catholic church, all they could offer me was a watered down version. :frowning:
I was not happy, I dont know what is going on with the church here in Australia, first Im struggling to find a catechism book, now the priests dont know how to enrol my scapular :frowning:
No happy!

The Catechism is online anyway, don’t need no stinkin’ book!

Whereabouts did you look? Most stores here in the CBD will certainly have one or more than one copy of the CCC (the full version) at all times.

They’ll probably wait and see what happens. Church materials are expensive to say the least. It’s a big investment to stock all of that stuff and then not sell it. If memory serves the Gothic vestments which are more popular today are still legitimate for the Extraordinaria. Also I’d say that most people who are interested in the Extraordinary Form probably already have missals. So they may just be waiting to see if there is any extra interest.

There is another one in Streamwood. It doesn’t have Catholic in the title, but that is what it is. You can buy a LOTH (all volumes) for example. Family Books and Gifts. It is small, though. Oh, technically there is one in Wheaton as well, unless it has gone under in the last two or so years. I don’t get to Wheaton very often. That one is substantially larger. If I recall, it carried vestments and the like. The small one in Streamwood is too small, unless they order them, I imagine.

Edit: Ah! I think Wheaton Religious Book and Gift was likely the title.

I don’t think that Watra’s was mentioned in Chicago. Or House of Hanson, for that matter. Even Morrow’s. Which would be the primary places that one would go for liturgical stuff in the area.

There are already suppliers which could provide more traditional vestiture, if one wanted to purchase such. Given, if there were a run on these in significant quantity, then there could be a bit of a backlog. I don’t know whether any publishers of traditional prayerbooks are churning out extras in anticipation. But I believe that the most likely places to be able to purchase such would be at small parish based bookstores which cater specifically to these sorts of needs. For example, in Chicago just a couple of the other bookstores which might be able to handle such are the ones at St. Mary of the Angels, St. John Cansuis, and the SSPX chapel in Oak Park.

I went to peregrine and koorong so far. I havent had a chance in the city, where is a good one in there?

Certainly try Abbey Books just behind Town Hall, as well as the bookshop on Level 6 of the Polding Centre (133 Liverpool St - Museum is the nearest station) and there’s a decent selection of books (unfortunately a few new-agey types, but usually an excellent stock of Bibles, prayerbooks, Catechism and so forth) at St Peter Julian’s (George St Haymarket, across and down a little from World Square).

Happy shopping!

Ahhhh yes, shopping is one of my favourite past times :smiley:
Thanks for your help.
God Bless

For use at Mass, it prefers those with legitimate authority and not those who have rebelled against the Church and the Holy Father. SSPX has, and we are not encouraged to attend their chapels. SSPX priests do not have faculties for confession or marriage. C.S. Lewis is not read at any Mass as far as I know. So, your point is illogical. A missal, being an official arm of the Church, and a work of fiction, are two spearate issues.*** I will not argue or belabor the point. ***

C.S. Lewis wrote more than works of “fiction”. He wrote quite a bit of non-fiction theology.

The SSPX REPRINTED a Missal. They didn’t compose their own. They didn;t even compose the little introductory notes to the various feasts and Masses.

It is true, the current more modernized vesture could be used. However, maniples need to be worn and the only company that I think carries maniples is the C.M. Almy company. Unless if things changed, last I looked, they carried maniples. So, one should consider this part of the vesture.

Also, altar missals tend to be expensive. I think priests might just print out Latin propers and the like and put them in liturgical binders. Also, I think hand missals with Latin propers and ordinary could be employed to say the Mass. Altar cards are available online. However, religious stores should start stocking up at least on the bare essentials.

Frankly, how much real demand is there likely to be approaching Sept. 14? While there were certainly be a few people here and there who stop in and ask for something to do with the TLM, these can probably be dealt with on an individual basis of special orders or referals to other shops which carry the items as a specialty. Now, if it becomes clear that quite a few people are entering the stores with special requests or if it is known that some parishes definitively will be offering the EF Mass, then (and only then) might the stores consider it appropriate to “stock up”. But save that claity and knowledge, there is not necessarily the need to invest in these items on pure speculation of a potential that might not pay off.

Also in Chicagoland, there is a gift shop adjacent to Techny Towers (near Glenview) and a bookstore inside the facility.

Don’t argue with me. Argue with Bishop Doran. He has his own email address at the Diocese of Rockford. See what he tells you.

He’s the boss here. What he says goes. He says if one is buying a 1962 missal, don’t get the one from the SSXP.

Rest of you guys- I only counted the stores around here and the Loop. I then pulled a Yellow Pages search. In that search, I only counted by number (1, 2, 3…) not by name. Of course, I counted Watra and Hansen.

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