Are Catholic Stores ready for Sept. 14?

On The Cafeteria is Closed blog, there’s a great article from the Washington Times about this very topic. It is a wonderful article, giving one hope. :thumbsup:

Actually, a bishop’s authority over his subjects doesn’t extend to telling them not to buy books from certain vendors…under what, exactly? Pain of sin? Interdict? Excommunication?

The SSPX reprinted a book. They updated its calendar past 1962. Nothing more.

And again, I said, and am saying again, take it up with Bishop Doran and the Observer, who publishes what he says.

I personally wouldn’t give the SSPX a penny.

But if you would like to pick a fight, go see His Excellency.

I wasn’t complaining about your list. I just thought it possible that the two I mentioned were unknown to either you or to lurkers. I’m always happy to find a new place to buy good books. :cool:

I know you weren’t, and I’m sorry it read that way.:o

I should’ve “spent” on a separate post.

No worries! Besides, the higher your post count, the more likely you are to become paranoid or hate peeps.

Only 2 of the local Catholic stores would have these supplies but they have always been sympathetic to Traditionalists.
I know of 4 priest that have ordered things to get ready for the 14th. Most have already received the kit from the FSSP. One has even ordered the red missal with Spanish. We are trying to track down red vestments because the 14th is the Feast of The Exaltation of the Cross.

Here in my county there is one Catholic supply store that orders Traditional vestments and missals, so priest can get it without hazzles.
I hope they get their TLM vestments though:whistle:


Instaurare omnia in Christo

I’m getting there. :smiley:

Did I miss something? Where did he say this?

Under "buyer beware"

If it is not an outright prohibition, it is certainly a strong caution.

Keep in mind. this is not from the local bishop. This is simply a “sidebar” to a Catholic wire service story. Had the local bishop said, “don’t buy this version of the Missal,” it would be an entirely different matter.

The SSPX Angelus Press Missal contains no heresy. It is far more Catholic than many of the books carried at the usual Catholic bookstore.

What’s up with the manipules? Why does one NEED to be worn? What is the liturgical purpose? They are a leftover from the priest having a hanky sticking out of his sleeve.

You can say that. And you can say it’s a “sidebar”. It is your opinion.

I, for one, will not buy anything from Angelus Press, nor from St. Michael’s Bookstore (CMRI). There are plenty of other choices, if I want a Latin-English missal.

As to whether it is more Catholic than what the usual Catholic bookstore carries, that again, is your opinion.

Again, if you don’t like it, please take it up with the Observer and Bishop Doran.

Whatever the function of the maniple, they are a heck of a lot cheaper than a blown-blown gold fiddleback chasuble.

Whoa. Time out. “Sidebar” is a technical term in journalism. You acted as if it was a directive from the Bishop. You have a good bishop there. I am not knocking him.

I don’t blame or criticize your caution re Angelus Press. Baronius Press also publishes a good similar Missal. SSPX is in a better way than CMRI, I believe, and I think SSPX is on the way to regularization. In fact, many good responsible Catholic stores sell both versions or prefer the Angelus Press Missal.

It is not my opinion that the Angelus Press Missal does not have heresy. It is fact. Many Catholic stores carry books by lousy heretical Catholic authors such as Joan Chittister and Garry Wills. This is not opinion, but fact.

Yes, don’t simplify the maniple.

“In the Middle Ages the maniple received various symbolical interpretations. At a later period it was common to connect this vestment with the bonds which held the hands of the Saviour. In the prayer offered by the priest when putting on the maniple are symbolized the cares and sorrows of this earthly life which should be borne with patience in view of the heavenly reward.”


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