Are Catholic women required to be beautiful?


Catholics are taught about feminine genius,natural gender differences and that women should be feminine…but does this have to include beauty too?
The “world” seems to bless the beautiful and God seems to also.
The below makes me a bit depressed.

Backstory:there’s this Catholic girl on Instagram who takes all these photos of herself looking pretty in mantilla etc…
When people like this girl are held up to be (or hold themselves up to be) the ultimate example of a Catholic woman-feminine and beautiful-I feel a bit inferior by comparison.


No, they are not.


What about femininity though?Often perceptions of femininity and beauty seem to go hand in hand.


You will do good to disengage from social media - actually from all media. I have eliminated TV, radio (except Catholic), newspapers, and all other means of the media gaining access to my mind.

I am much, much happier now.


much of what we know as "feminity’ are just secular social constructs. ignore it and be yourself, cultivate your talents, pursue hobbies that you enjoy. and beauty is pretty subjective, normally. none of those tings define you as a catholic


Don’t worry about being “feminine.” Just be yourself, and be a good person.


Yeah. This.


It’s only going to get worse @Po18guy.
The technology era is here.
My sister thinks the same way as you do but personally I think it’s better to embrace it and harnesss it somehow for good.


I must say. its a new concept to me. Modesty has been the norm and this caught me by surprise.


This is like a repeat of the last thread you posted about women who get Instagram likes for posting sexy pictures.

Why are you so hung up on looks? Beautiful is a highly relative term. Without getting into specifics, I’ve had some people including men consider me very physically beautiful, others just found me blah or not to their taste and still others found me downright ugly because they had a really different preference. For my part, I’ve found a lot of men unattractive that some other women, or even most women, thought were very handsome. Out of all the men I dated, I think about 2 of them were conventionally handsome. Personality as well as personal taste plays a huge part in what people find attractive.

I think on the last thread somebody suggested you get off Instagram because you constantly thinking about this stuff is not doing you any good from either a mental or a Catholic moral standpoint. I have to agree with that advice.


I let others do that. I try not to be a gossip and am not a member of the chattering class.

Have you offered the Serenity Prayer? Very helpful in re-establishing peace of heart and re-setting priorities.


Personally I think It’s a worthy topic as issues of social media,pressures of beauty and weight etc affect many younger people of today.
Instagram “models” wouldn’t have such a huge following in the first place if it didn’t make such a big impact on people and if it wasn’t culturally relevant.

I think beauties both subjective and objective but this doesn’t matter so much.

Then there is the Catholic side/perspective.
Women are told to be feminine and different but are rarely given the details of what that actually “entails” (apart from motherhood and being modest in clothing).

Catholic “womanhood” is usually talked about through the lens of motherhood,but very little else is said about it.
I don’t know if that’s because people want to avoid controversy in today’s “times” where there is a cultural push by some people towards gender neutrality etc…?


I find myself quite handsome despite my advancing years. And there are ladies who agree with me. Even half my age!


My advice. Scrap Instagram. I never created an account and never will. But then again I’m a middle aged guy whose out touch with much of this social media stuff.


I can see that :smile::clap:


You just think it’s a worthy topic because you like thinking about it. Honestly, it seems pretty shallow to me and verging on vanity.

“Social media pressure” is like peer pressure. If you can’t just ignore it and do your own thing, then you shouldn’t be on social media.


I’m living in Australia and our government must really believe in the power of social media as belief it or not they actually created a campaign where they paid skinny sexy girls on Instagram to promote themselves exercising with the belief/hope that it would encourage the more overweight people in the country to exercise.:grinning:


Out of curiosity,would you consider the girl in my links posts as being a witness to Catholicism or as vanity(or neither if you see a third option) etc?


For the sole purpose of performing proper research in order to respond adequately to this thread, I perused all 652 posts of Caramia’s Instagram page. However, for the sake of being completely thorough, I will have to go through them again in order to formulate an informed response.


I bet lol :sunglasses:.

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