Are Catholics expected to be "one issue" voters?

I’m Catholic and Pro-Life, but I wonder if I am expected to vote for whichever candidate is pro-life regardless of their stance on other, equally important, issues?

And if so, then how do I make peace with a candidate who is anti-abortion but pro-death penalty or pro-euthanasia? Are they or are they not pro-life?

I’m wondering if the presidency is necessarily the position where it is as useful (if you will) to vote pro-life versus voting for a senator or congress member who is pro-life, since any laws protecting or destroying human life will originate in the house/senate.

I vote on a pro-life basis both for the presidency and for congressional candidates. Presidents can select justices not only for the Supreme Court but for all levels of the Federal judiciary. If he selects those who are pro-abortion, that begins to fill the judiciary with pro-abortion judges, who in turn are nominated for appellate courts and for the supreme court.

Congress votes on legislation, so it is important to vote for pro-life legislators.

Death penalty legislation is a state issue, so that’s something on which one ought to lobby one’s state legislature.

As for comparing abortion and the death penalty, there are about 1.4 million abortions each year. Not that many criminal executions.

And the 55 million killed by abortion since 1973 has an adverse affect on demographic trends, making the forecast for the solvency of social security and medicare worse with each passing year.

I wish I remembered who it was who said they weren’t single-issue but did have disqualifying criteria.

There are certain issues which involve “intrinsically evil” actions: abortion, euthanasia, would be among these.

However, neither war nor capital punishment is, in and of itself, evil; these are prudential matter left to the appropriate state authorites. This doesn’t mean the authorities cannot misuse their authority to start an unjust war or to execute unjustly, just that these actions are not always and everywhere wrong as abortion and euthanasia are.

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