Are Catholics "out of touch?"

Dear freind in Chirst,

Do you think that we Catholics are out of touch? If so, HOW?

God Bless you,

Speaking for myself, I can assure you that I was completely out of touch as a Catholic.

I did not realise that there were soooo many protestant splits.
I did not realise what exactly protestantism was (I thought that King Henry wanted a divorce and the Pope would not grant it so he went off on his own)
I did not know about sola scriptura arguments
I did not know about the faith alone dogma
I did not know the animosity that exists towards Catholics
I did not realise the number of lies going around about the CC (idolatry, praying to Mary, necromancy, etc)

In speaking with other people at my church and in my family, I can say that they are equally oblivious to what is going on outside the Catholic world.

The church will always be “counter cultural” so to speak, because it goes against the ways of the world.

So if the Catholic Church were ever viewed as “in touch”, that’s the time to worry! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I would say that some Catholics are well out of touch… in that same breath I’d say that some atheists, protestants, hindus, buddhist, mormons, republicans, democrats, wealthy, poor, middle class, etc are out of touch as well.

:thumbsup: I think it was Chesterton who said he would rather a Church that was 2000 years behind the times and knows what it believes, than one that is always a year behind the times and racing to catch up. :wink:

It seems like throughout the ages we have been “out of touch”.

The Church is not out of touch with the times. The times are out of touch with the Church.

Absolutely! :thumbsup:

I guess it would depend on the definition of “out of touch”. The Church does not change with whatever “wind” is blowing in the culture at the time so it is seen by some as old and out of touch. For me this old and out of touch label often stated is quite comforting. The teachings of Christ should not be any different then or now.

I, myself, was “out of touch” with my faith for many years as another poster stated. While I always identified as “Catholic” I certainly was not living the teachings of the Church but rather picking and chosing ones that were convenient to me and discarding others that were less than convenient to me. Luckily a large enough brick hit my head :stuck_out_tongue: and I saw the error of my ways and became “in touch” again.


I have been trying to put words to how I have felt about some things revolving around the Church for a long time and this did it for me. All the talk about how the Church needs to modernize, that it is out of touch with the times has been hitting me as backwards. Now that you wrote this down I can rest:thumbsup:

I recall hearing a consecrated man mention that he used to give hitch hikers a ride. One of the last he did pick up asked him a question, which he answered. The guy asked him the question repeatedly. Then the consecrated man said, after he had dropped off the guy, he’d asked God " What am I to get from this, what are you trying to tell me?" God is not trying to tell you anything, you gave a weirdo a ride. If I’m having trouble with something, I’m not really having trouble with something, God is trying to purify me, chastize me, or sanctify me. I’m a man who is, in many respects, inferior, yet I read somewhere that “I’m wonderfully and fearfully made”, which is absurd. God botched me, whereas the only thing he did not get right with a a man like Donald Trump is his hair line/hair insertion. Catholicism (and Christianity) is like putting on glasses that block most of reality, which is desperate to peek through. If someone said that God will never allow any one of us to suffer beyond that which they are capable of, then they are devoid of the capacity to think and deluded=out of touch. If you think the alignment of planets when you were born has long-lasting and deep effects on your life, you are both stupid and out of touch. Catholics are expected to know that God loves them, is like a father, has their best at heart, you see many people with their lives and hearts in shambles, no one in their right minds would dare say that God’s love for them is manifest, yet many people will do just that. God plays hide and seek: if he hides, that’s because he loves you, if he’s manifest, that shows how much he loves you, if he answers your every prayer, that means he loves you, if he denies you every single request for 40 years, then it’s a clear indication that he loves you, if your father, whom you love very much dies when you need him most, it shows God’ s love for you, if your father, whom you can barely tolerate, seems immune to mortality and ends up outliving you, then, clearly, God loves you in a very special way. Conclusion: God can never lose and his system, although absurd and incoherent, allows people to say one thing and its opposite without being put straight. LIke in any system based on propaganda, adherents will look for affirmations and evidence to back up their allegiance and block whole blocks of reality which contradict it. Classical.


The Catholic Church may be more “in touch” than any other western communion on the issue of morals.

You are put on this Earth to show people like me in how to follow God and know him more clearly/dearly/ through our beautiful Catholic Church.

I’m really not trying to be mean spirited or smartypants, but, I often hear this kind of attitude, and I just wonder – since we, who believe these things, have it so wrong and are so out of touch, describe for me, please, how it should be. :popcorn:

I don’t have all the answers, but i was just answering the OP’s question to the very best of my ability. Reality is what it is. If people ridicule me because they think I’m dumb, then they ridicule me because I’m dumb, God is not purifying me, testing me or sending meanies my way. There is not, systematically, in everything that happens a message from God or a trap from Satan or one of his demons. There is a great deal of superstition in religion and in religious people. Everything is not a freaking sign from heaven. Sometimes being mean-spirited can be cathartic. Evil is not all bad, otherwise God would never tolerate it. Simon Stock probably never received a scapular from Mary’s hands. The dancing sun was probably the effect looking into the sun for a few secs had on people’s retinas. Apart from a few miracles, Jesus’ public life was pretty mundane, ordinary. God’s absence makes it hard for people to constantly believe in him, they need to see this or that coming straight from God etc. “Be perfect like your heavenly father is perfect”, do you think that comes from someone who knew humankind well? Jesus was like us except for sin! Then he was not like us, plain and simple. A naturally smart, talented, ambitious guy can’t understand a slow-witted introvert working a menial job and not seeking a better job because everything about the introvert loser is so foreign to him. Asking us to be perfect when perfection is simply a de facto impossiblity for a human being with original sin reveals how little God/Jesus/Mary understand what it’s really like to be human. But i digress.

Robertanthony, I apologize. I can see you know your faith. You have just grown weary of it.
I will pray that your outlook brightens! God bless you.

There is absolutely no need to apologize. You would need to offend me first, which you did not!:slight_smile:

No. I physically receive the Body and Blood of God into my body weekly. You can’t touch much more than That.

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