Are certain animals inherently evil because of the threats they pose to mankind?


Specifically snakes, less specifically Sharks, bears, wild canids, big cats, every Australian arthropod etc. I can’t stop wanting these things destroyed for the threat they pose to mankind, the species made in God’s wondrously perfect image.

Especially snakes. I’ve also always felt Genesis 3 justifies the mass slaughter and extiction of every last Ophid

So who want to correct me? I keep being told I’m wrong on varying levels, but if we are to tend the garden that is Creation, doesn’t the gardener set traps to kill and cast out what threatens his garden and subsequently, him? I keep feeling like this is correct, but as usual, Asperger’s and its rigid black-and-white thinking is blind to reality much of the time.


animals were created by God too. he has a special purpose for them, one which we probably don’t know

and if they are acting “evil” towards us, well, it’s all because of our sins isn’t it?


A first principle to consider is that there is no nature of evil. Everything which God created is good.

I believe that in a perfect world, every member of one of the five major kingdoms of living things, even say, yersinia pestis, would function without harm to others. Of course insofar as certain creatures are harmful to mankind (such as yersinia pest is), we are justified in trying to eliminate them.

I do think however that viruses would not exist in a perfect world, as they exist by their nature to destroy their hosts, and are made out of isolated bits of the DNA of larger creatures, so I would argue that their existence is a disorder.


Hi WonderandAwe,

I understand your concern.

How I look at things in the wild though–when it comes to animals/creatures–is that everything serves some kind of purpose. Each animal provides food for another kind of animal. You can especially see this when you watch any kind of nature program.

I don’t mind snakes or reptiles, actually–especially the harmless ones. I find them to be fascinating.

When we go into a pet store for cat supplies, my husband and I always stop and take a look at the reptiles. It is always kind of fun to us to take a look at the lizards. They are such interesting little creatures, in our opinion. :slight_smile:


Well, first think: what do snakes eat?

Then if all snakes were to be exterminated, what would then happen when their prey reproduce out of control? Is that a consequence you’re willing to live with?

Ever heard of invasive species? You know, plants and animals introduced carelessly into a new ecosystem where their natural predators don’t exist?



Considering the Fisrt Covenant (“and I shall put enmity between you and the woman…”), I’d say nothing since I often interpret that as both prophecy of Christ’s holy curbstomping of Death and God permitting us to destroy every last snake in existance for what happened in Genesis 3.



A basic highschool biology class would teach you about the importance of natural predators in preserving the balance in an ecosystem. :nerd:

And theoretically, I consider it a miracle that we humans are the only known species equipped with enough intelligence to strive for this balance but at the same time advance its own population and dominion.

Sure we’ve (regrettably) driven several other species extinct but does that stop people from saving what’s left? Do we really want to live in a world that chooses to destroy nature instead of finding innovative ways to preserve it, perhaps even revive it? :shrug:


There are some likely adverse effects of eliminating any given species, as people have noted already.

For example, scientists say they could probably wipe out most of the world’s misquitos within a few months, and thereby wipe out malaria, but they are unsure what adverse effects that would have since mosquitos play a role in pollination and as a food source for many animals. If we were goign to wipe out anything, misquitos would be high on my list, but we just don’t know what harm it could create.


Nowhere does Genesis permit the extermination of every snake in existence. God’s curse on the snake is for it to live, and crawl on its belly.


We’ve been having problems lately with a nuisance bear & a skunk, not to mention too many mice (you’d think 5 cats would take care of that!). But there is no way I’d want to destroy all bears, skunks, or even mice. Every animal has its niche, its purpose given it by God.

If you want to destroy God’s creatures for being “evil,” you’d have to destroy all of mankind. We’re the worst, since we plan evil and do it - the animals are only acting within the nature God gave them.


UGHHHHHH!!! :mad::mad::banghead:

God made it so that human blood would contain the secret ingredient for mosquito eggs…!!! :eek:

Genesis 1:24-25 Let the Earth be filled with all kinds of living, breathing creatures. Of the Land, the Sea, and the Sky. After creating such creatures, God saw that it was good.

:bighanky: uhh…all creatures, including those…pests… are good in the eyes of the Lord!!! We… :frowning: … just have to trust God…:bighanky:


I beg your pardon, but what is this (presumably very rude) response to?

I say presumably rude because I really don’y understand your reaction, but a banging the head emoticon is almost always very rude.



Animals act on INSTINCT. No malice intended.


Nor can animals show love.


Almost forgot these verses:

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” Psalm 24:1

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” 1 Corinthians 10:26

So if you want to wipe out the animals you don’t like or are afraid of, you’ll have to get God’s permission first. They ALL belong to him.

And please, stay in the city. You are not the sort of neighbor I’d want.


maybe he’s banging the head into wall over the secret ingredient for mosquitoes?

I was always taught to ignore someone’s potentially rude behavior because our personal viewpoint might also be considered rude… better to play nicely than to have no-one to play with at all.:slight_smile:


I’m glad you replied so politely. I was going to mention his/her humor deficiency. Ooops! I just did! :eek:


:eek: Ok, there is no way on this earth you are allowed anywhere near my adorable pet snake!

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