Are children conceived through reproductive technologies have souls?

Are children born through reproductive technologies have souls and when they die where do they go to. Do they have a connection with God or do they have the laws written in their hearts.

Such children are the same as any children. The only relationships with God that are affected are those of the parents.

All human beings have souls. If they are physically human no matter how that occurred or where or what size and development stage they are in, they are given a soul by God.

I can personally reassure you that I have a soul. It’s theologically impossible to have ANY living creature without a soul. As a human being, I have a human soul like anyone else. I love God, I seek truth, goodness and beauty, and I laugh and cry as much as anyone else.

My siblings have souls, too, although they didn’t survive the IVF process. Both of them, I’ve had to entrust to God and His mercy. I know in my heart I’ll be with them again someday, by the grace of God. It’s not easy - I don’t have names for them, or know if they’re brothers or sisters, and I never got to see their faces.

Heck, for years I thought I had way more siblings than I actually did because of a misunderstanding. I’d asked my mother about the way I was conceived and whether that meant I had brothers and sisters. After telling me that they “could have been” siblings if they’d been born (and the ensuing argument that left both of us in tears), she made a throwaway statement about having three chances to have me. I took that to mean three cycles of IVF, and it took me several years to work up enough courage to talk to her again about it and get her to clarify. It turned out she was referring to three embryos. (It’s pretty sad when it’s a relief to find out you have only two dead siblings instead of eight)

Anyway, it’s not been easy. I don’t want to upset you, but I do find it pretty incredible that one of the most popular topics I’ve seen on IVF in this forum is someone asking “Do they have souls?”. What’s the logic? They weren’t conceived in an act of love, therefore they’re not human?


Yes they have souls. I don’t see why they wouldn’t have natural law or connection to God(please specify on this one).

Thanks for telling this story. Of course–all human beings have souls, including you and your siblings.

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