Are children still a "blessing"?


One would assume so, but if we look at the "modern’ cultural reaction to pregnancy, you wonder. Here is an interesting discussion of the topic: a-modern-manger-scene

What do you think?


Children are and will always be a blessing, despite what “modern culture” may say.


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Children are always, and without exception, a blessing. Whether they be geniuses, star athletes, priests, nuns, mentally retarded, physically disabled, or even if they die an early death. There is much grace we receive from God in raising children. The grace of sacrifice, the joy we have, the honest pride we feel, the love we experience, the redemptive suffering we may experience.

Although I will admit, some children are better at “saint making” than others.


I’m with Belle on this one…


The “modern” culture gives lethal injections to children with disabilities in Europe, promotes pornography, embraces same-sex marriage and aborts millions of it’s unborn children…

The “modern” culture can kiss my rear end, I don’t care what they think.


Now don’t hold back- how do you REALLY feel? :stuck_out_tongue:

Things are falling apart quickly in this world, aren’t they?


It always amazes me to talk to people who profess to be Bible-believing, God-loving Christians who appear stunned when I respond with a “Children are a blessing from the Lord, and I’m not in any position to tell God I’m done receiving blessings from Him” when asked the dreaded “Are you done yet?”

Really people, I want to yell, it’s not a riddle. Psalm 127:3-5 (or 126, if you’re using the DR :wink: ) is pretty darn clear:

Children too are a gift from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children born in one’s youth.
Blessed are they whose quivers are full.
They will never be shamed
contending with foes at the gate.

I’ll be the first to admit that oftentimes, what God’s trying to say through Sacred Scripture leaves me feeling more than a bit confused. Not so with this one, though. Spells it right out for us- “Children are a gift, you ninnies!” (assuming, of course, that God would even use the word “ninnies” :stuck_out_tongue: )


I want 12 kids.

of course they’re a blessing.


Whew 12… I think we started too late for that but children are a blessing!

We have 3 with #4 on the way (early next year). All boys thus far so maybe we will get a girl this time. However we just pray they are happy and healthy.

We use to joke years ago that we wanted 4 but thought for a long time we wouldn’t even have 1. Now we have 3 and soon to be 4. God has truly blessed us!

I will say though that I know my wife, since she works outside the home, is finding it difficult. Only a few of our friends, even close ones, have been truly congratulatory. Most are like, “You know how to stop that right?” Even some (actually probably most) of my Catholic Friends are like, “we quit after one (or two or however many) - just get snipped.” Heh, as the gungho former protestant they are already sick of hearing about what the Church really teaches - yet I do remind them probably more often than they would like.

However we have had some people truly excited, all from big families themselves of course. It’s funny though when you go to the Dr. or somewhere and people ask how many do you have? the next question is always - Are you Catholic? We are now actually very proud to say - Yes, YES we are Catholic :thumbsup:

We believe that due to our age (I’m almost 40) this is probably how many we are suppose to have… but we will see I guess.



Where I’m from, and the Catholic crowd I hang out with, would consider 4 children a small family. :thumbsup:


Well, it’s a good start, anyway.

Just kidding…:wink:


Pathetic! People can be so insensitive!!


Depending on the numbers you look at, about 40% of pregnancies in women over 40 are unplanned. Of those, over 50% will end in abortion. That’s a higher abortion rate than for any other age group. It is so very sad.


Of course children are a blessing!
I agree that “modern culture” can kiss my rear end as well. I’m a “breeder” and proud of it, if it weren’t for us then humanity would die out. sigh


Well…that would depend on what day you ask me. Some times for sure a gift from God, others a test from God. But seriously Absolutely. And only from God, There is no way you can look into the eyes of a new born baby and not know they just came straight down from heaven.


The saddest thing to me is watching how parents either expressly or by implication send the message to the kids themselves that the kids are a burden.

Now I’ve got 4 kids and by 9 PM, I’m certainly ready for the little bundles of energy to start winding down, but I love them to pieces and let them know that.

I’ve actually heard a Dad say that having kids was “the biggest mistake of his entire life”. Very sad.


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Out of curiousity, does that mean that a small family is somehow not seeing children as a blessing? Or that they’re less Catholic?

I know many Catholic families that struggle with money issues and therefore literally would be out on the street without both parents working. They can’t afford to have more than 1-2 children.


Without reading anything into the statement, it sounds like for some people 4 children is a small family–with no judgement made about the number.

My mom came from a family with five children. She says her family was the smallest on the block. Some of the other moms on the block may have said, “You know who Mary Catherine is–she’s the one on the block with the small family.” Not a detraction–just a description.

No one actually commented on the value of small versus large families. By becoming defensive and reading judgement into the statement, a person can actually stir up a debate where none was intended.:frowning:

For example, my husband is short in stature. I can say that merely as a description of his appearance. If a person ascribed the adjective “short” as a negative, I would be baffled. Good analogy?

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