Are Christian Zionists the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Pro-Israel Room?

Reinforcing their standing as the right-wing marker of the pro-Israel community, Christian Zionists are now setting up their own lobbying arm. It will be heading for Capitol Hill with a much harsher message than other Israel groups, as activists prepare for the battle over confirming the Iranian nuclear deal in Congress.

A new survey, published July 14, indicates, however, that the perception of Israel as God’s favorite nation is loosening its grip among younger Christians of all denominations. The poll, conducted by LifeWay Research, found that younger Christians are less likely to believe that God has a special relationship with Israel or that the formation of modern Israel is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Younger Christians are also less likely, the poll found, to attribute their support for Israel to a biblical command.

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Interesting. I get all kinds of FB posts about “Share if you support Israel” from my evangelical friends and cousins. One thing I don’t hear about – going to Israel and joining the IDF. I guess there’s support, and then there’s support :rolleyes:

The Catholic Church has never been of that skewed (mainly American) view on Israel.
Chosen people, yes. Chosen modern nation, no.

The new covenant Chosen people supersedes nationalism, it is the Church.

Remember, though, if one is Evangelical and non-Israeli, one is likely to believe that GOD Himself protects Israel. No additional fighting bodies would be needed.

On this view, the importance of US Zionism is not to save Israel – God will do that – but to anchor us to “God’s side.” God is believed to favor those who favor Israel.


Would that be the reason why Israelis tend to look askance at Christian Zionists? That they’re not supportive of Israel for Israel’s sake but for their own sake, to be seen by God as doing the right thing in His eyes?

With all due respect to all, I wish Evangelicals knew that a number of Jews have been active in abortion in this country;

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who converted to Catholicism founded NARAL along with Betty Friedan and others. Too much of this support of abortion for me, it is evil. This forward website looks like the same kinds who support a leftist agenda though I could be in error.

If one wishes to be anchored to God, hold firm to the true faith and receive the most Holy Eucharist in a state of repentance and grace. Supporting wars and one country over another without prudence or civility incurs God’s wrath.

That, and also that a large subcontingent of the CZ movement seems interested in them mostly so that Armageddon – related prophecies can be fulfilled.


I am fully supportive of Israel, and not for the standard CZ reasons, but because in my mind, after 95 generations of exile and unremitting persecution – including, shamefully, half the time at the hands of Christians – they needed to have a country again.

I would love it if they would not have to fight, but unless all the Jihadists move to Mars, I won’t live to see such happen.


I agree. I just wish the Israelis would quit harassing the Christian Arabs.

Thanks. I never really knew very much about the Christian Zionists. What little I’ve heard about them tends to be negative. Now I think I’m beginning to understand why.

Sadly, Christian Arabs are harassed in just about every country in the Middle East. In Israel they’re better off than just about everywhere else in the region.

In the Arab territories, not so much.

But at least all Arabs in the war zone are harassed equally; no-one is harassed specifically for being Christian, as in the Islamosphere.

Israel is the only country in the region that protects everybody’s religious rights.


I know plenty of Christians from Lebanon and Jordan who would dispute that. The ones from Syria would probably also dispute it, were it not for the recent phenomenon of ISIS and the FSA.


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