Are Christians really the only lucky ones?


I’ve heard it said before that those individuals that do not believe in Christ won’t make it to heaven. But when I peice together the teachings of the church, or Christ for that matter, I am lead to believe that our ever-merciful God would allow people who honestly don’t know Christ or were never introduced to Him to enjoy salvation in heaven. For example, people who were raised as a non-christian religion from birth. They were influenced by their religion from childhood. Or even to go a step further, atheists who were raised as atheists. It just seems to me like these people are simply ignorant, but not of their own accord. So, wouldn’t God show His mercy in this situation?


Look up Invincible Ignorance :slight_smile:


It has been taught to me that there is a place for non believers. It is called Limbo.
When you refuse to believe that Christ is the Messiah, you will be in a state kown as Limbo until he returns in glory to judge the Heavens, Hell and Earth and the people therein.


I heard a priest on EWTN say that we all have God’s natural law imprinted on our heart. So in a way, everyone knows God. You may not know Christianity specifically, but God does show His mercy.


Only evangelical Protestants teach that people who’ve never heard of Christ will definitely go to hell. The Catholic Church teaches that there’s something called invinsible ignorance, where a person who’s simply never heard of Jesus (or never understood) will be judged less harshly and depending on how they responded to the graces they DID receive. Everyone receives some sort of grace… even if it’s as simple as God speaking to them through nature. So we should pray that people would accept graces given to them, and also if we find a person who doesn’t know about Christ and might be interested, it would help them if we share our faith. It also helps a lot to share our faith through our actions :slight_smile:


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