Are "cradle Catholics" Superiour To Converts?

Does being raised as a Catholic from birth make some people feel a bit smug when meeting a person who has converted to the Faith?.
It might just be me but I seem to see this in some older people, but I must say this is in the minority of Catholics as 99.9% are highly delighted they have joined the family,so to speak.I mean no offence to converts as I am one myself (28 years ago).Do converts feel as though they are just as Catholic as everyone else?, that is to say,a “proper” Catholic.Do born Catholics feel they have an advantage over others?.I ask this with total respect,
God Bless,

(in not so merry England)

Certainly not. I am a cradle Catholic although I didn’t practice my faith for about a decade in my younger years. My husband is a convert. I would never think of myself as superior to a convert. I asked my husband a few years back about feeling “at home” in the Church. Since I was raised Catholic I did wonder if it felt different for a convert. He told me feels like the Church is his church. He thinks of himself as a Catholic not a Catholic convert.

I think there are as many different answers as there are people. There probably are some people who think as you describe. It might also make a difference depending on where you live.

But, that has never been my experience. I converted 15 years ago.

No. Absolutely not.

I am a cradle Catholic and I highly regard converts since they often have MORE zeal for The Faith than many of us cradle Catholics who can fall into ruts of comfort and complacency.

The only thing I would mention here is that older cradle catholics have a history that spans some of the older traditions (e.g. Tridentine Mass and pre Vatican II “feelings”).


If anything, converts ted to make for better Catholics.

They had to work to make the choice as adults and therefore tend tto know more about and appreciate the faith they likely made considerable sacrafice to embrace.


Cradle too - I tend to agree with these comments - although I’d add (having not really been practicing for about 10-15 years and reverted about two and a bit years ago) that a lot of reverts tend to be up there as well in the enthusiasm stakes :thumbsup: :cool:

I generally find this to be the case as well. Most adult converts I know are zealous – they know why they’re Catholic, they really want to be Catholic, and they study the faith on their own with great interest and dedication. There is no dissent or lukewarmness in them. They enthusiastically assent to everything that the Church teaches on faith and morals.

There is a parish in Toronto – Holy Family Church, run by the Oratorians – that is often referred to as a “convert’s parish,” as converts make up much of the faithful there. It is probably also the most traditional, “conservative” parish in the Archdiocese, with very holy, orthodox priests, Latin Masses every week, Confessions before each and every Mass, traditional devotions, and so on. Converts tend to flock to it by choice.

I’m a cradle catholic and have never looked at a convert as less catholic than me. For years I worked as a rector at a retreat house in NY and it was an honor for me to contribute in some small way, in the process of conversion of many. Actually, listening to converts helped me to understand and honor my own faith, because before working with converts, I had never heard about the Fathers of the church etc. The faith and enthusiasm of new converts is contagious and enriching to all those cradle catholics that take the treasures of the church for granted. Converts are like precious diamonds, bringing to light all the beauty of the church, so that cradle catholics can open their eyes and see what we are taking for granted. We are “All” children of God, the church is for “All” the children of God. Some of us are born into the church, others find their way to it because of the Lords’ calling and the rest, I believe, are honoring their fathers and their mothers. Because by the will of our Creator, were born into other faiths.

I’m a cradle Catholic - always strong and in love :love: with my faith. I’m a very happy Roman Catholic.

I have met so so many converts and never do I see them less a Catholic. They are wonderful, amazing people who have gone on a spiritual journey to learn, discover and realize how great is the Catholic faith. I admire these converts because I can imagine how dificult it must have been but so worth it in the end.

The converts are just as Catholic as I and I too enjoy their zeal and questions and the wonder in their eyes. Truly beautiful.:slight_smile:

No, as a group, cradle Catholics are not superior to the group known as converts.

That said, neither should we compare individual Catholics to one another, no matter whether he or she is a convert or a cradle Catholic.

Jesus died for every one of us, and that’s because of our need for Him. Any inkling of our own alleged “superiority” melts away to nothing at that point.

~~ the phoenix

Speaking as a convert to Catholicism who’s going to be Confirmed tomorrow, I just want to thank you very, very much for all of the kind words here, and to say that I feel extremely blessed to be joining with all of you.

:clapping: :harp: CONGRATULATIONS!!!


May the Holy Spirit shower graces on your soul. Welcome home!!!

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Welcome Home Lief! :extrahappy:

Thank-you very, very much :D. :dancing:

I’m extremely excited.

I don’t want to throw this thread off course. I’ll probably start a thread tomorrow in the Spirituality subforum, after Confirmation. There are a lot of gloomy threads there about people leaving Catholicism. This might brighten things up a bit.

Who gave such a name as "cradle’ Catholic? Like there is not enough divisions in the world we need to create more. Who is the one “who judges” if someone is a “cradle” Catholic? Who has been given that “authority to judge ones soul” or accuse them of being less Catholic more a “cradle” Catholic, or call them a sitter on the “fence Catholic”, or your a “straight Catholic”, or what ever? Does this name " cradle Catholic created by whom, not imply already that they think “themselves are superiour” to the one they are calling “a cradle Catholic”—who made you master over God’s servants?

The name, or title given to say someone is a “cradle” Catholic is someone who thinks they have the right to have power or judgement of anothers soul, don’t you think?

God Bless

I don’t think there will only be Catholics in God’s Kingdom, but we will see all of God’s children who believe and worship him!

I don’t think it’s usually intended that way. It just means the person was born in a Catholic family and was raised a Catholic. The person has been Catholic all his or her life.

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