Are demons the cause of all illnesses?


I have a protestant brother that believes demons cause illness. I have high blood pressure and my brother says it is caused by a demon.


That is part of the “Prosperity” gospel, not at all Catholic teaching.

Listen to this


A number of things could be causing your high blood pressure, but it’s most likely not a demon. Talk to your doctor about the real cause.


I think it’s more likely caused by stress or diet or sodium, etc. I agree you should see a doctor.

Our body is ours, and our responsibility, to care for as long as we’re in it. Like everything else on earth, it suffers wear and tear. This is normal and has nothing to do with demons. A good MD can help you as can a good diet, cutting back on sodium, getting some more exercise maybe giving up caffeine. A good doctor will know. I hope you see one. High blood pressure can lead to other ills.


No, demons are not the cause of all illnesses. That’s a superstitious belief.


no, its not true and not Catholic thinking. Dismiss it.


Some do it is Biblical but Jesus also heals people with legitimate ailments.

Sometimes the ailments are caused by the sin of the person or their parents sometimes there is no explanation.

But no usually the cause of feeling a little icky is too much Taco Bell. :taco::yum::cup_with_straw:

I usually drink a vat of Curmudgeon Coffee and it flushes the evil one right out… :coffee::unamused::smoking:


I’ve been known to call my wife a demon… Last time I had my blood pressure checked it said I had hypertension but I also had a headache…

Stress can raise your blood pressure especially family life.


Well… there are so-called Christian beliefs all over the map.

It is clear that demonic activity is a cause for testing of the faithful under certain circumstances. The Book of Job is a classic example. The Book of Tobit another, as a specific demon is named. The Book of Wisdom also indicates this, perhaps in a broader sense.

New Jerusalem Bible Wisdom 2:23-24
For God created human beings to be immortal, he made them as an image of his own nature; Death came into the world only through the Devil’s envy, as those who belong to him find to their cost.


It’s highly unlikely that a demon told you to eat Big Macs everyday. Though this is analogy, we have free will, and many such illnesses are a culmination of poorly made choices and not demonic activity.

I think this is a dangerous mentality because it puts the blame on something else and we don’t take responsibility for our own decisions.


Let’s put it this way…

As Catholics, we believe that the Fall of Adam and Eve brought suffering and death into the world.

We know that all actions have a ripple effect into the world, either for good or evil.

But it doesn’t follow that Demon X caused your last bout of stomach flu.


Lot’s of answers here but no source to back them up.

Stay hungry my friends.


Jesus healed people who had demons -
And he also healed people who were unhealthy -
The Bible differentiates that - curiously enough.

But hell yeah, demons can cause health issues -
Mental health issues too -
People - who do exorcisms - say it’s a fine line -
They have to look into each particular case -

High blood pressure - ah, the silent killer, I’ve heard it called.


Jesus taught the exact opposite.

Read the 9th chapter of John.


Sometimes God makes our body more frail to make us miss Heaven. And remind ourselves this body is not the Ressurected one. This is what I read the church teaches.
Many people not just Protestants believe only demons create illnesses. And some that all illness is punishment from God.
A little girl asked Pope Francis “Does God create illnesses? Why?” He said “We don’t know this yet.”
Some Christian doctora do study the effects of prayers on the human body. While no exact data of miraculous healing appearing from praying records show the chemistry of the blood changes while we pray. So praying helps.
May God bless you and your friend. Again this is not a Protestant thing. Many people believe this. The church confesses she doesn’t know. Let’s go from there.


Nah, I’d rather go feast on Big Macs.


If you had to make a theocratic argument for how righteous awesome good you were throughout your life… How did you feel at those times?


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