Are Dems being paid to show up at town halls?


Rep. Jason Chaffetz blamed his harsh reception at a recent town hall on “a paid attempt to bully and intimidate.” White House press secretary Sean Spicer called anti-Donald Trump marches and protests “a very paid, AstroTurf-type movement.”

But the protesters say they’re fighting Republicans for free.
As GOP lawmakers prepare for a week of raucous town halls during a late-February congressional recess, some are dismissing the massive crowds, casting them as the efforts of well-funded liberal groups paying protesters to pose as members of a grassroots movement.
They have not offered evidence to support the claim, though – and Democratic organizations say they’re just racing to keep up with what they insist is an organic uprising fueled by opposition to Trump.


I saw one story that people were billing Chaffetz since he said they were getting paid.

Weren’t there the same kinds of stories about tea partiers being bussed into town halls to argue against ACA?


Yes, I remember hearing that.


With how few are showing up surely the only ones there couldn’t have been paid. I have no doubt of where the funding comes from for some of the organizations running protests though; George Soros.


Yes, there are training instructions that they use on how to go about disrupting the meetings.
Where to sit, get there early and spread out over the room, not all to sit in the same area, etc.
If they get paid, that I do not know…


Are you suggesting that only Democrats and/or liberals ( :eek: ) do things like this, that Republicans are too dumb, oops, I meant pure, to plan effective protests.

Give me a break. There are professional protest planners on both sides. Just look for professional signage at any political function


If they’re all paid, someone will be running out of money soon.


A- Short answer is no, people are not paid lol.

B- Yes, the above happens - that’s called community organizing. Its effective. Its also basic civics.


Maybe not being paid in many cases, but often times they are bused in from other districts.


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