Are doubts a mortal sin?

[quote=FrankR]I don’t think you can doubt the existence of God and expect to particpate in his Heavenly feast, the two ideas are completely incongruent.

When God told Moses in Exodus 3:14 “I AM WHO AM” you will note that he never says that “I might be who am” !

Or read any of the following scripture passages from Jesus in which he proclaims who he is, and note that he never says “I might be”

1- I am the bread of life (Jn.6:35)
**2- *I am the light of the world ***(Jn.8:12)
3- I am the gate (Jn.10:9)
4- I am the good shepherd (Jn.10:11.
5- I am the resurrection (Jn.11:25)
6- I am the way and the truth and the life (Jn.14:6)
7- I am the true vine (Jn.15:1)

Is it any wonder then why in the Gospel of Mathew 25 vs 1- 13 that the foolish did not bring enough oil (faith) and Jesus was finally forced to say at one point “I say to you, I do not know you

I would be quick to study and reevaluate my position if I were a doubter, because it seems clear by reading the Bible who God is and know that at some point God will deny that he knows you.

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I really think it depends on the circumstances; and also what exactly is meant by the word “doubt”. St. Theresa the little flower sufferes from very bad doubts for a year or so before she died. This can either be a sin, or a means of gaining merit. I think that if a person “entertains” the doubt, it is certainly a sin, but if they are fighting the doubt it is a meritorious act of virtue.

So I think it really depends on the circumstances. The person definitely needs to take this up with a confessor who can discern what is taking place.

Ahg what you ask than is the difference between doubt and Action. A true holy man is questioned by Satan to DOubt but does not act on Doubts.

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