'Are English schools being taken over by Islamic extremists?' [CWN]


Five out of 21 schools recently inspected by the government in Birmingham, Great Britain’s 2nd-largest city, are in danger of closure because of a "a particular and narrow faith-based …



I’ve not read the link, but I have seen this on our news, and most parents of both religions say it’s been blown out of proportion.


Britan has a state religion. I would have imagined that’s a given and it would be included in the schools. Those attending would get their religious instruction in “Sunday” schools. I would think those immigrating would have been made to realize that Britian is a Christian country and the customs, prayers in the schools, and traditions will be Christian.

A tad off the subject but in the US, I fail to understand why we’d allow anyone in here that practices pologmy when we don’t allow it among US citizens. What is our country thinking? Or does it think?


I attended a non catholic school for the last year and a half of my secondary education. In the school there were various children from different religions. I remember on some occasions in assembly we would say the Our Father. The non christians seemed fine with this (why wouldn’t they) and most, well some of the christians said the prayer.
A while back I did hear that there were proposals to take down the crucifix in some schools due to it offending other children/adults??? :eek:


Here in the US there was a brouhah about a valedictorian mentioning God in his speech, and another at a college where a former serviceman was scolded for including the Pledge of Aligence as it might be offensive to some international students. :eek:

Now if the international students opted to come to the US to further their education, why should they be offended??? And why would we care??? Some of these problems are caused by the increasing number of highly educated pc twits running these institutions.


Yes, I think some do make a “song n dance” about things. When I visit another country I respect their customs/religions, and I think many immigrants here in the UK do also :thumbsup:


Living in the UK the Muslim and Islamic faiths are forced upon you, whether you like it or not, and without your consent. The State religion is whatever the politicians want it to be, and that does not bear much relation to the Bible and is becoming Muslim or Islam. For example: Many supermarkets only stock Halal meat (not labelled Halal of course) thereby showing contempt and disrespect for Jews and Christians (Source: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1315278/Top-supermarkets-secretly-sell-halal-Sainsburys-Tesco-Waitrose-M-S-dont-tell-meat-ritually-slaughtered.html). I am furious that I have been deceived into eating meat which has been subjected to a Muslim or Islamic rite. It is offensive, insulting and in complete violation of human dignity and respect. It seems that there is nothing about freewill in those faiths, it is forced through violence or deception and having watched some of their TV channels, there is nothing moderate or loving about it.

This is what our government wants and will get frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/uk-muslim-patrol-this-is-not-a-christian-country-we-will-implement-islam-upon-your-necks/.


It is nonsense to say that many supermarkets “only sell Halal meat” The furore recently was about imported New Zealand Lamb that was Halal and had not been labelled as such.

I hope the attached helps with your next trip for your groceries:


Some lamb is halal. All other meat is non-halal

Marks and Spencer

Only New Zealand lamb is halal. Chicken, beef and British lamb is non-halal


Most New Zealand lamb is halal and some other meats use halal techniques. Some halal-only counters


Most meat non-halal but some branded halal chicken, lamb and beef. Halal ranges show slaughter method


A small range of halal and kosher products which are all labelled


A range of halal and kosher products which are branded


Would you feel the same if it were Kosher meat. Personally I’ve seen this talk about Halal meat here before and view it as tempest in a teacup. As liturgyluver points out there is no UK supermarket chain that only sells Halal meat.

You are talking of respect and dignity but then proceed to lash someone else’s faith in a savage manner. That seems rather ironic.


The problem is that the supermarkets and restaurants know that Halal meat is offensive to some people but lied through omission. They have thus far only admitted to lamb and chicken under pressure but still see nothing wrong in either the slaughter methods or that some people object to a muslim doing a ceremony on meat which will be innocently eaten by those who object to that sort of thing. I asked a restaurant if they used Halal meat and basically they did not know or care - they simply said they did not actively purchase Halal meat.

What is ironic about speaking out against a group that attempts to force their religion on others, that advocates genocide and violence against Christians and other faiths? I am sure Salmon Rushdie, Shahin Najafi, Geert Wilders, Jerry Falwell etc would be happy to tell you how wonderful it is to live under a fatwa. I am angry because they are free to spread a regime of genocide, oppression, torture and hatred and very very sad because they, like us will face the ultimate judgement, which is why I will always pray for their conversion.


Muslims give thanks when slaughtering to the one God that we, they and Jews worship. I have no great issues with this. If you find the Halal method of slaughtering offensive then I trust you would also find the Jewish method similarly troublesome, it should be noted that some Muslims consider Kosher meat to be Halal because of that (although differences of opinion do exist on that), the Church has absolutely no problem with Christians eating Kosher or Halal meat. Your concerns with eating it seem motivated by a dislike of their faith more than anything else. I do not wish to receive my theology from individuals such as Falwell either who are prone to some rather bizarre comments. Salman Rushdie’s relationship with his faith is rather more complex than you suggest by the way and has evolved over time, he is now an atheist and quite critical of all faiths but he has passed through various stages along the way to that position.

I Ilve in East London which has many Turkish people living here and others of Muslim backgrounds, there are many great Turkish restaurants and supermarkets and other similar shops. Indeed the venue for my wedding reception was a Turkish restaurant I hired out and the guests had no problems with the food and it’s probably a safe bet it was all Halal meat. My only concerns with buying meat is that it is reasonably priced, hygienic and safe to eat.


It is true that I dislike their faith because of what it advocates through their actions. If they wish to eat Halal meat, I have no problem with that, so long as it complies with our rules on the treatment of animals and hygiene. However, why am I not allowed to chose to not eat Halal food? Even vegetarians are informed if sweets contain animal products. I would not deceive a person by giving them something to eat that they found offensive, was contrary to their culture or belief’s and then say that it was okay, so why do supermarkets and restaurants not give their customers the same consideration?

Although I am angry at the whole affair, the reality is that I would intervene if I saw anyone (including Muslims) in distress and do all I could to help.


I don’t find the Halal or Kosher method of slaughter offensive at all if they are carried out properly by well trained individuals. The reason a vegetarian would not eat meat is not generally driven by religious sectarianism. My local Tesco’s has a Halal and Kosher section and a section for Eastern European foods, I utilise all three at times. Particularly the latter. So me of the other meat may be Halal or may not, it does not trouble me.

“In the name of God – God is the Greatest - Bismillahi Allahu Akbar.”

That is the prayer used before slaughtering an animal - I can’t say anything offensive there.

As to the original story the school involved are a small number of schools in particular areas, I’d advise non UK residents to be very careful with the Daily Mail as a source of information.


I think that Avila makes a good point here. People should be informed and thus free to not choose halal meat. What annoys me most about this issue is the assumption by those in charge that Islamic customs are acceptable to everybody and that it shouldn’t be an issue.

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