Are Episcopalian baptisms considered valid in the Catholic Church?

Is infant baptism in the Episcopal church accepted by the Roman Catholic Church as valid and sufficient baptism when that person, as an adult, converts to the Catholic Faith?

Generally speaking, Episcopalians practice the same method of baptism as do Catholics. More specifically, water is used while the minister recites the Trinitarian formula (i.e., "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit). This, in addition to the minister having the proper intention to confer the sacrament, are the requirements that the Catholic Church recognizes for a valid baptism (see this document for more details). Therefore, unless an Episcopalian’s baptism was somehow done in a non-standard manner (i.e., one or more of the above mentioned aspects was absent), then his/her baptism is considered valid in the Catholic Church. For example, I was baptized and raised as an Episcopalian and my baptism as such was considered valid when I later converted to the Catholic Faith.

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