Are expensive hobbies against the gospel?


I think you’re right, Casilda. I’m sorry you feel you’ve wasted some of your talents, but God is so generous! He will use you to His glory! Of course, even the richest person in the country couldn’t alleviate the world’s poverty. We must do what we can with what we have and leave the rest to God’s providence. Take care of our own families, seek out ways to help young people pursue their educations (maybe donate to a college scholarship fund - education is a gift a person will possess his entire life!), PRAY PRAY PRAY. You may not have a lot of money, but we can all pray for the needs of ourselves and our families, parishes, nation, world. . .

God bless you!


If Jesus didnt want anyone to spend any money on recreational activities because all our spare cash should go to the poor then all sports would be immoral, nobody should be doing them, and not just sports but other types of entertainment like cinema, theatre, concerts, camping would be out, fishing, boating, tourism. Plenty of people make a living from these industries. I dont think Jesus wants us all to give them all up to save more money to give to the poor. Some people he does call to give up all their hobbies and posesions and focus on the poor, Bl Teresa of Calcutta for example. The Gospel is clear that Jesus expects us to take pity on our neighbours and help the poor, and that might even mean selling off some unused or uneeded posesions, or even some used and needed posessons, but i dont think its unreasonable to believe that the Lord may want us to direct some of our money towards sporting or recreational activities as well.


i think the important thing is to give God the ‘first fruits’ and then, if there is anything left over after personal/family needs, it can be used for recreational activities.


Thanks everyone.


One thing I do before any activity that has a risk associated with it is to say a Hail Mary.

It has saved me more than once.


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