Are extremely sarcastic and scathing movie reviews sinful?

“2481 Boasting or bragging is an offense against truth. So is irony aimed at disparaging someone by maliciously caricaturing some aspect of his behavior.”

Does this include mocking someone’s Awful, awful acting, writing, or directing, or video game design, music or art? I’m talking about things similar to what people’s such as those at do. Not just saying “This movie is bad” but parodying it in such a way as to point out its flaws, in a very brutal mocking tone. (Or what if it is in a less brutal tone?) And Does it matter if you say:

“This Acting is horrible”
“This is a horrible Actor”?

Also, is the unlikely thing true that you commit detraction by hurting their reputation as a film-maker?

I’m curious because I kinda want to start a web-series where I review things in a similar way. I’d be meant to entertain third parties who are neither me nor the maker of the works in question, and also myself, in that i’d like watching it later.

As I type this, the question sounds more and more like a stupid question. None the less, I ask.

Sarcasm is a thinly veiled attempt at being clever, for example, by taking down another person’s character or physical makeup. So the thing is, in order to be funny or disarming, you have to take someone out of the equation. Now, does this sould like something sinful? It sounds like it’s starting to.

An innocent remark with a sarcastic twist usually ends up hurting someone down the line. And it doesn’t matter if the remark is particularly funny or brilliant if it leaves the victim in the dust.

So, a scathing movie review, while it probably has the potential for appealing to the masses, serves no purpose other than to make the other person feel less than. And that is something I would think twice about.

God Rocks

But i’m not talking about insulting the person, rather their artistic creations.

Huh? It requires what? How?

What does it mean to “Leave the victim in the dust?”

I don’t think it is sinful at all. I am a frequent viewer of the Angry Video Game Nerd, and from what I’ve seen, they (Nostalga Critic) are pretty similiar.

As an artist I can say that insulting someone’s artistic creation is as bad if not worse than insulting them. Constructive criticism is fine, but I can’t stand someone just rudely ripping into someone else’s work.

That Guy With the Glasses reviews are entertainment. He of course intentionally makes them over the top with sarcasm as they are more comedy then actual reviews. He reviews the stupidest films most of the time. I don’t think the people who made them put enough effort in to really care. That truly how bad most of the films he reviews are. I do have a problem with his language though.

I agree with you about Doug’s language – he often drops the “f”-bomb way more than I’d like. I also have heartburn with some of his jokes about Christ, which skirt the line of being blasphemous at times.

(Linkara’s “Jesus, the Mexican Martial Artist” joke in his review of The Goddesy though made me shoot tea out my nose, because it was a relief spot while he was reviewing an atrociously offensive comic, one that badly offended him as well.)

Yea I’ve also gotten an anti-God vibe while watching some of his reviews. I also enjoy Red Letter Media, although he can be extremely crude at times. I stopped watching his stuff because of that though.

If sarcasm is inherently sinful, I’m in real trouble…

That is why I prefer Cinemassacre’s movie reviews. They rarely contains strong language and never seem anti-religious to me. The Angry Video Game Nerd is another story. while they swear much more, I can only think of one instance where they seem to borderline the outskirts of blasphemy (the skit involing "Super Mecha Death Christ 2000’). The Nostalga Critic seems to make alot more Religious jokes, but swears less

He was skirting the line until his recent review of “The Temple of Doom” when he crossed it irrevocably with me, making the following joke “(after a clip with Willie Scott mocking the Sankara Stones) Oh, and I’ll bet next you’ll say you don’t believe a Jewish carpenter was crucified and came back as a zombie?”

After that, I want no more to do with That Guy With the Glasses.:mad:

Ah I haven’t seen that video. Its too bad really.

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