Are Fundamentalists trying making the world end? YES!


I am sure most of you will agree with me. Many evangelicals and fundamentalists are trying to make the world end just to prove themselves right. It has disturbed me for quite awhile now since they championed the Iraq war. Especially since I have Iraqi Christian relatives that are still stuck in middle of the conflict. :frowning:

Anyways I found this BBC documentary about these so called “end-timers” watch and learn. Just one caution, some of views expressed in documentary might be a little offensive to those who voted for President Bush:D

here is the link.


The BBC doesn’t understand religion, and certainly doesn’t understand fundamentalism.

Fundamentalists did not support the Iraq war because they are trying to make the world end; they supported it because they have an idolatrous view of the state and, contrary to the stereotype prevalent in liberal/secular circles, are good little modern liberals (in the more historically meaningful sense) who believe firmly in the separation of Church and State and think anyone who questions Caesar is a leftist heretic.



Without watching the video my puter wont cooperate right now. but I can tell you fundamentalists would not take state they themselves have anything to do with the end times, only God has a say in that. They will tell you He is in control not them.

And its not the end of the world just to keep it clear, its end times as the end of a time and a beggining of another.


Did you even watch the video? I am not talking about the kind of fundamentalists that you are talking about. Im talking right-wing fundamentalists injecting their sick, twisted, and ethnocentric, premillienial interpretation of the book of revelation in us politics, especially in regards to policy towards Israel and Palestine and the rest of the middle east


I am quite aware of that, Jesus was very clear “But of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the the Father alone” (Matthew 24:26 NAB) I am just concerned that many doomsday focused evangelicals/fundamentalists are trying to bring it on, when they have no clue that the book of revelation is not meant to be interpreted in a futuristic manner.:frowning:


something I found out a few years ago, the likes of John Hagee and those doomsday fundies don’t want you to realize is that they do not love Israel as they seem to–to an obsessive degree–no, in fact they HATE Israel and Jews. They are only friendly to them now so they can hasten their interpretation of the fulfillment of prophecy concerning Israel returning to Jerusalem to get the Millennial ball rolling! They want their concept of Rapture and Tribulation and the conversion of Israel so that all those Jews who refuse to accept their distorted take on Christianity will DIE! They want to see the end of the Jews. And the end of Catholics and pagans and anyone else who does no uphold their errors.
Fundamentalism is a hate-filled cancerous darkness in whatever extreme form it takes–whether pseudo-Christian or Muslim or Atheistic!
It is one of the most dangerous and effective methods Satan uses today to blind otherwise good people to the truth.



By the way Jerry Falwell was also a doomsday fundie in the likes of John Hagee. You should look up John Hagee’s doomsday sermon on World War III you can find it on youtube or google possibly. When Hagee was giving his doomsday sermon from the pulpit, who was the man sitting across from him on stage: Jerry Falwell:mad:

That reminds me, John Hagee is a gentile right? Much like the late great Pope Pius


There are fundamentalist/evangelicals that believe that in order to initiate the “end times” Israel must reclaim the temple mount and build a third temple. The story is that there are elements in Israel in cahoots with ranchers in Texas who are selectively breeding cattle to bring about the birth of a red heifer to purify the the site so that said temple can be built.
But before the site can be purified it has to be aquired from the the Muslims…and then the fun ensues. :whistle:


If they say God is in control then how can it follow they are trying to “bring it on” ??

And once again I dont understand it to be doomsday as in the rapture for instance its theory is actually only a start of a change.


And in Alberta there is a program to breed a perfect calf, they have come close several times. The sacrifices cannot go unless they have the calf. I dont know what they did in the day, if God sent the calf or they breeded it. Ive wondered about the wisdom of breeding one if God is supposed to send it. I figure its a bad idea to breed.

And I understand all the furnature, objects, garments etc have already mostly been created, I heard they can be ready for sacrifices in a day. They are missing that calf and the site and probably some other things that site will probably say.

Just because they say that the 3rd temple will be built etc, doesnt mean they endorse it, just that they figure it will happen, and if one understands the theory then one realises that the temple ends up back firing and being misused by the antichrist. Just because its mentioned, it doesnt mean its a good thing.


As much as that camera was spinning around the host, I was starting to get dizzy. The “dark” whispers were rather annoying as well.

Seriously, I watched the whole video, and it saddens me. :frowning:


don’t need to convince me—I live 10 miles from Lynchburg and Liberty University. Falwell was a neighbor of mine. Altho I doubt he would have considered me a neighbor of his…when he died our local priest asked us all to pray for the repose of his soul and the comfort and solace of his family and ‘flock’—more than I bet would have been reciprocated!

as far as I know Hagee is a Gentile.

Honestly I do not know what kind of men these are. I am sure they love their families and friends. They have pets and love children. It is the teaching that is demonic and I pray for their conversion and salvation in all sincerity. But people especially in this country need to open their eyes to the reality of the political situations we face as a consequence of Fundamentalism!


it is doomsday because they believe only a very select group-- even from among other Fundamentalists forget other Christians!–will survive. Everyone else will die torturous and hideous deaths and the vengeance of God will come upon those who do not believe the same way they believe. These are the same people who yell the loudest about the Catholic Church making the statement that we alone have the fullness of truth!


Hmmm. I somewhat I agree with your post but not in the manner spoken. I can cannot judge the hearts of John Hagee and other dispensationalists, but they probably believe that they are following God’s Word. It says on one hand that Israel is the apple of God’s eye yet warns of the incoming Tribulation wherein every unbeliever is subject to God’s wrath for not accept His Word and His Son’s offer of salvation. Does this Tribulation include John Hagee? No, John Hagee proudly states in his sermons–by accepting the Blood of Jesus, he has been saved, counted worthy that he might escape. Is there a contradiction in this thinking? Yes, but that’s what happens when you put a false dictonomy between Israel and the Church. How will this be resolved? Only God knows. Pray for John Hagee. Put him in the loving arms of Mary and the pierced hands of Jesus.


This has often crossed my mind many times. It’s like, consciously or not, they’re wishing, as it is, for the world to end. It’s like they will for it to end. Now, I am not going into the more loopy conspiracy theories about Fundamentalists (of any stripe and faith) somehow doing everything to make sure it will end; that would be mere speculation, whether with or without basis.


This is ridiculous! you do understand the purpose of prophesy in both the OT, and for nowadays? It’s not for us to change, rather so we’ve no excuse!

You know the 1000’s that have been liberated and have now been able to be baptized into the body of Christ would think differently, our sister church there has baptized in the past 1 1/2 years more Christians in northern Iraq than there were professing Christians in that area…These people are laying down their lives in order for Christ “great news” to be spread…


your premise is based on the erroneous idea that you understand prophecy in the only true way…how can you possibly understand when the only wholly true Church is the Catholic Church? When I was a Fundamentalist myself I assumed everyone could see the ‘reasoning’ and ‘logic’ in the explanations of prophecy as my belief system spelled it out. But when your belief system starts out wrong–no one can see the explanation as it is presented but the presenter.

and so you are assuming (again) that Jesus’ sheep would not have heard His voice and come out without you being there to divert them from the true Church? If this thread irks you, maybe you should ask yourself why, or avoid it.

the concept of Millennialism has only been around a couple hundred years at most. Protestants do not believe in it acrosss the board as Fundamentalists assume. And it is based on error. I am sorry to be so blunt, but your eternal salvation is at stake and I do not wish for any to be lost to heresy and falsehood, no matter how much emotion (good or bad) it evokes.

May Our Lord grant you conversion of heart and salvation for your soul.


I know what and where heresy is and it isn’t in me or my beliefs, satan can duplicate emotion but he can’t duplicate the fruit!
Worry NOT about my salvation, but work out yours with fear and trembling!
I have been pre destined, I have been saved, I have been justified!

O give thanks unto the LORD for he is good and his mercy endureth forever!

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren; and these whom He predestined, He also called; and these whom He called, He also justified; and these whom He justified, He also glorified.” (Rom. 8:28-30, NASB)


It was a developing doctrine…:wink:

TRY reading Ephraem the Syrian, from the mid to late 4th century you will learn differently!


Watch Christiane Amanpour’s series on Abrahamic fundamentalist radicals, “God’s Warriors”, starting Tuesday night at 9 pm EST.:smiley:

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